Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Keeping a Child Happy and Safe

When my eldest child was born, day nursery schools were unheard of.
Mothers were supposed to take off from work and take care of their babies. After all, fathers were supposed to be the bread winners.
When my first grandchild was born, neither of his parents could afford to stay out of work so they were faced with this very big problem of where and with whom they could leave their child. I couldn't volunteer because I needed to keep my job, too. Luckily, my daughter-in-law found a stay-at-home grandmother who was baby-sitting her own grandchildren. She voluntarily offered to baby-sit my grandchild, too. But, it didn't last long. She had to give it up for some health reasons. That was when I found out how important and necessary a child care nursery facility was, not only to a child, but to the parents as well. We found one for him but how I wish it was like this day nursery where any parent is assured that quality child care is provided all the time. Aptly called Teddies Nurseries, and based in U.K., one can see the quality of care it provides from the virtual tour that the site provides.
Any child will be happy and safe in that kind of facility, and, any parent will be confidently at ease knowing that his or her child is well taken cared of in that setting.

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