Saturday, May 31, 2008


Not My Weekend

Last night, before I went to bed, I planned on writing about how the week went and ended. I woke up early giving me enough time to clean the toilet bowl of the "boys" and de-grease the stove before breakfast. (Not quite a palatable sequence, huh)! I also was able to sign and post for a new wave (my post before this). Then this droopy-eye feeling started setting in again.
This reminds me so much of my college years. Every time finals came I would set up a time plan to review for subjects I had to take final exams for (oh yeah, I received quite a few exemptions, too). Without fail, for each semester, as soon as I was ready to tackle the books, my eyes would start to get heavy that I would forsake my review strategies and hit the sack instead.
Have you ever had the same problem?

My eyes are getting teary from yawning I really have to write ADIEU.........

Making WAVES as you blog

Just looking and reading the logo makes me think of the ocean with big waves dashing along the shores. Pictures of what summer is as in having good time with friends and family, and of course water that can help me cool off as I foresee hot days ahead also float around me. It also gives me an image of extra money in my pocket.
I am talking about Bloggerwave, a big European advertising media on blogs. Bloggerwave is a site that offers opportunities that can help you and me make some money on the blog. I checked it out and decided to sign up with Bloggerwave because it is an easy to follow site. The instructions are very straightforward. Even the submission page is very "busy person friendly". Come on, everyone. Hit the waves and make money.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful that HE gave me the strength to reach home safely.

.......I am thankful for the students who were so genuinely concerned they assured me that they will do their best until I come back.
.......I am thankful for the lady who holds the keys to the gate. She was there just as I was about to call for someone to open the gate for me.
.......I am thankful for the very light traffic as if HE directed the cars to the sides so I could pass through easily and smoothly.
.......I am thankful for the sub(s) who are handling my classes even as I am typing this.
.......I am thankful for giving me this inner feeling that tomorrow everything will be OK so Oscar can compete without any hitch.
.......I am thankful for a friend who called to make sure I got home and that I was alright.

I wasn't feeling right. There was this unexplainable discomfort in my tummy which I started feeling since yesterday. I was feeling queasy and light headed. I called the office to please send a sub for me. No questions asked. I just had to wait till a quarter of the 2nd period before the sub arrived.
I thought it was just anxiousness because tomorrow will be the final competition for Oscar and he hadn't arrived for the last minute instructions. After all, I've already requested all his teachers to excuse him for the day. Then, he came smiling with his usual excuse: had to take his mom to oh, everywhere! I thought I would feel better, after all he's already come, but didn't, so decided to call the day off, but not after I've given instructions to him that he better be in school by 7:00 am at the latest or he would go to Santa Monica by himself.
Hubby wasn't home when I arrived. I remember I requested him to buy ingredients for the stock and glace that I still have to prepare for Oscar' sauce. Thought I was hungry so made myself a toast with chocolate spread. Had a glass of water and laid down for a few minutes. Although I am feeling better now, I am still not sure if I would be OK to accompany Oscar to the competition site.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Friendship and Three-Day-Weekend

Just like any three-day weekend, I had been looking forward to this weekend. Three days. I can finish so much within those three days including remembering those who fought so that we may be free. See my previous post. What else have I done and finished? Let me see.
Friday evening I created a new blog exclusively for my recipes. I was able to start with the Chicken Chasseur. Saturday, I took Fe and Gloria to lunch at Glendale. Gloria suggested the place, an extension of the old Galleria, which just opened. The architectural lay-out is patterned after the Grove in Fairfax and Third by the Farmers' Market. We even enjoyed the dancing water fountain at the Main Street. Neat. Then we took Fe on a tour along Rodeo Dr. {after all she is new in LA} after which we cruised along Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvds. towards Los Angeles to meet the Hipols for our post Mother's Day celebration at Water Grill on Grand Ave. Every year, around Mother's Day weekend, Manang Purita, her two daughters Myrna and Marie, Gloria and myself get together to catch up on news and tidbits. We chose the mother's day weekend so we have a legitimate excuse to leave our hubbys behind. But this year, we were all so busy on MD that we had to postpone getting together for this weekend.
The place was very elegant high ceilinged and all. The Chef in charge of us explained all the intricacies of each dish on the menu we somehow got lost halfway through. Service was impeccable. The menu we all found very interesting, the place being known for its seafood offerings. We all had great fun guessing how chimichurri would look like and how foie gras really tasted and where barramundi really is from.
Although the dessert were very tempting, we declined. Instead we went to a Jollibee joint so we could have tall glasses of Special Halo-Halo and where Myrna, with her scientific mind, enlightened us, with facts and data, that husbands are better off with plumpier wives.
After our bye-byes, I took Fe back to Tustin.
When I got home, I couldn't go to sleep so I watched some AI moments on YouTube. Finally dozed off by 1:30 am.

Yesterday I caught up with my computering(?), and today will be working on my students' grades plus dusting some corners, whenever I feel the urge.

Update: 4:00 pm
Instead of dusting, laundered instead. Suddenly remembered that we haven't emptied our laundry basket for ten days! As I bent to empty the dryer from lints, I noticed that the garage door needed some sweeping so swept I did. I've just finished folding - the step I like the least about washing clothes! Wow, can't believe I did all that!!! I better give myself a pat on my back.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Post Birthday Lunch

Yesterday, I treated Gloria, my friend, and Fe, my cousin who recently (barely a week here) migrated from RP to join her children and grandkids in OC to a post- birthday lunch at Cheesecake Factory in the new Galleria extension in Glendale.
All of us opted to have a taste of their fish of the day - Mediterranean Mahi-mahi. The serving was overly generous that there was enough left to-go. No more problem for hubby's dinner.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol - updated

It's Cookin'......DAVID COOK is the new American Idol and I can not complain. While I would like Little David to be the one, I strongly felt it was Big David who would take the crown. After his last song last night, and his tears, then I knew.
Congratulations, Mr. David Cook. I embrace you and I hope and pray that you'll stay as sweet and as gentle as the man that you are now. You deserve every pixel in your title.

Yumminess At Your Fingertips

Have you ever longed for a dish only to find out that the recipe is nowhere to find? Yes, you can try going to a favorite restaurant or cafe, but you would still prefer your own cooking, or your hubby's. Why? You can't explain it but that's how you would prefer it. Well, just a while ago I signed up with and voila! one of my Simple Recipes started dancing in front of me.


An appetizer that will keep you asking for more

See Guacamole on Key Ingredient.

Publishing my first simple recipe was simply clicking my fingers one-two-three! Navigation is very easy, well, for me who is a neophyte when it comes to compu-tech, and direct to the point, I mean, when you point your mouse and click on it, you're where you want to be as if by magic, like searching for recipes in a particular category or use of specific ingredient. And don't you love that sharp beautiful picture that accompanies each recipe? That's, for sure, what my students would call: "AWESOME"!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Battle of the Davids

Have I told you I am an AI fan? Now you know.
While I like Little David to win I don't want Big David to lose. What if everyone who votes for DA also votes for DC? That will be history making for AI! It will also make millions and millions of happy fans.
Why do I like both to win? Because I like both of their styles. While I swoon to Little David's ballads, I feel like rocking with Big David, too. I like their own individuality.
The wholesomeness in their personality also appeals to my grandmomminess. They are both bold and yet shy. Polite and gentle.
Please.....let there be a miracle to make both of them this year's American Idols.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Rebound and Reduce

Need to relax those muscles? Or, is there something that is bothering you every time you bend your knees, or turn your neck? You silently tell yourself: "Now I need to exercise." But what if it is just because you are under stress, maybe because of your workload, or some family matters? You still need that exercise.
One great exercise is bouncing, maybe on a trampoline. But do you have the space and the stamina to move around with a full size one? Also, will doing so just work with specific parts of your body?
Worry no more. What you need is to Cellercise with the Dave Hall Rebounder. Cellercise works with every cell in every part of your body. Whether that part needs toning, melting, or strengthening.
And those stress attacks? You can reduce stress rebounding on the Cellerciser until you forget how it was.

Chicken Chasseur, anyone?

Last week, Chef O'Neill came twice to coach Oscar, my student who will be competing in the C-CAP Cooking Competition in two weeks. He gave him pointers on how to plate his crepe with pastry creme and chocolate sauce and also how to come up with a juicy chicken with mushroom-tomato-parsley sauce that had been flavored with fresh tarragon, just like how the French peasants, centuries ago, used to cook chicken. I thought I should try making the recipe myself so yesterday I prepared for eight, complete with tourneed potatoes.

Ready to Lock It In?

Who wouldn't want an extra money nowadays? With the price of gas sky-rocketing, and there's pun intended here, cost of everything soars as high as well. Our life-style have changed dramatically. Every cent now counts. Every penny has a place. And each of the statement is scrutinized for how that extra amount that had been deducted or added happened.
With the evolution of the internet, on-line banking is fast becoming a trend. You can open up a high yielding savings account, a checking account or a certificate of deposit account. There is a personal finance site where you can see a comparison between how each bank ranks in how they offer interest rates. This site tracks down the best interest rates available to consumers when if they will prefer to open a savings, checking and/or money market accounts. For those who feel more at ease with a visual comparison, it also charts the latest CD rates among the different popular and union banks enabling you to decide whether to lock in your your rate or wait. It is navigation friendly, not just computer-wise but in giving customers to see how other customers find it as a source of banking information.

Friday, May 16, 2008

She's Only Six????

I was looking for a David Archuleta song on YouTube (yes, I am a big fan of American Idol and even a bigger fan of David) when I stumbled on this video. If Simon was impressed, I don't know who wouldn't.
See, or rather, hear for yourself.........

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Plating Skills

Today, I gave my students (divided in groups) a tray with pork, cloves of garlic and a quarter of an onion. Additional instruction was for them to use at least three Asian sauces, plus vinegar and ground pepper. For evaluation they have to plate their dish using sauce as part of the garnish.
These are some of the results.

For extra credit, groups were to record the amount of ingredients they actually used and to write the recipe for their creation.

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for the flowers that never fail to bloom year in - year out. They remind me that life goes on no matter what.
I am thankful for being given the privilege of attending a seminar-workshop yesterday. I learned that there are still more ways of how I can keep my students busy and engaged.

I am thankful for the speaker at the workshop. He kept us, participants, wide eyed.

I am thankful that I can honestly say I enjoyed the workshop.

I am thankful for the light traffic. I had enough time to find a good parking space and I got home earlier than I thought I would.

I am very thankful for my children. They never fail to remind me that I am their mother!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lullaby in Comfort

"Mommy, guess what. You will soon be a grandma."
In my excitement, I dropped everything I was holding (I just arrived from work) to kiss and hug my son and my daughter-in-law. It was quite hot that day and I felt even hotter.
My very first grandchild! Wow, somebody will start calling me Grandma, or, maybe Grannie? Then, suddenly I thought: Where will the baby sleep? Well, he, or she, can sleep with his, or her, parents in their king size bed, but for how long? I better start looking for some Kids Bedroom furniture. I started reading on what qualities to look for in a child's crib. I will much prefer Wooden Childrens Furniture. The wooden material must be of the best kind. Smooth and must not be finished with materials that may harm my grandchild, big enough so the baby can move without hurting his head, or arms, or legs and can hold all his/her favorite toys. It must also be stable so it can be moved around without any part getting loose and should be able to last until the next baby comes.
And, yes, he will need a high chair, too, so he can eat with us.
My thought even went as far as planning on buying the child a Kids Desk so he, or she, will have a place to read and write when my son woke me from my reverie.

"And mom, we just placed an order for a crib. It will arrive in five days."

P.S. Jacob is now almost six and his brother, Joshua, three. And they are enjoying their bunk beds.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Post Mother's Day

Yesterday was a very busy day.
Received a bouquet of roses from Kirby as he arrived from work. Then, hubby said he was going to get something for breakfast but instead came with a dozen of peach roses. He even apologized because the color he requested wasn't available. Lester and Rachel invited us for lunch at their place. I got so full I dozed off while watching Lakers got beaten by the Jazz. (Don't worry Kobe, there are three more games ahead of you).

We had barely reached home when Patrick called to say that since they were not able to join us at his Kuya's due to extended church activities, he and Mylynn would like to treat me and Mylynn's mom to a Chinese dinner. Jet and Sarah would be joining us, too.
With the dinner were two more vases of lovely flowers plus a long stemmed carnation each from Jacob, Joshua and Matthew - just the right ending to a hectic but happy and fulfilling day.

How did you spend your special day?

Friday, May 09, 2008

To All the Moms of this World

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Because I saw this abbreviation LOL on lots of e-mails and posts I just assumed it meant Lots of Love. So I started using it to end my mails or comments on certain posts. Then this morning our career adviser inserted in-between our school papers and memos a copy of CHAT Abbreviations so we may 'keep abreast with the changing times'. To my surprise, I found out that LOL didn't mean the way I thought it meant. To further verify its meaning, I asked my students for after all, I know they spend more time at chat rooms or in their "spaces" than reading their assignments. And yes, LOL is not LOL because Lots of Love doesn't really mean Laugh out Loud!!! To those who may have received my comments or mails, I really meant Lots of Love when I LOLled you!!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Skateboard Bedding

Skateboarding amazes me. How one could glide so fast and with great skills and ease using only a narrow piece of wood with equally narrow wheels over rails and pavements is beyond me. Although hubby and I were blessed with three boys, I never really saw them use skateboard the way my neighbors' sons use theirs. But it doesn't mean my sons are not fans of such "inventions". They were and still are. They have blankets printed with either their favorite cartoon characters or yes, you guessed it, cars or skateboards. Before they went to sleep, they would stand on their beds and pretend they were either driving or skateboarding complete with their bended knees and widely stretched arms. Today, children will enjoy owning and sleeping under skateboard bedding from VisionBedding. A selection of photographic designs are transferred on bedding fabrics that will make any child feel he is riding the "real thing". He can have a choice from the different skateboarding themes, colors and styles. Does he want the design on both sides of his blanket? He can. How about his picture doing a skateboard flip on his comforter. He can order that, too. A set of blanket, comforter, shams and pillows printed with all the skateboarding themes and designs a child owns will be real real cool to own!

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, May 05, 2008


Our youngest, Jet, (Jonathan) is already 30 years old today.
I can still remember vividly.
Symptoms were telling me I was pregnant. I wanted to make sure so hubby and I went to a doctor friend who was working at Kano General Hospital at the time. He ordered a frog test. (Yes, you're reading it right - a frog test!) After five days the result came - negative. Friends assured me that the same thing happened to them due to body acclimation. While I wanted to agree with them, my instinct was telling me otherwise. Then I felt him move.

Hubby had a very good friend named Jonathan, and I liked the sound of it, so the name. I gave him the nickname Jet because I had to travel by air to make sure the doctor who helped me with my first two boys would help me again.

Now, our baby Jet has his own baby - Matthew - and he and his wife, Sarah, are waiting for another one come June.
Happy birthday, our dear Jet. We wish you many, many, more birthdays ahead.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

BlogLog, Avatar, etc.

Because I wanted to create an image for my BlogLog profile, I tried to log on with what I thought were the name and pw I originally started with. (After all, it has been four years (?) since I had opened it). After three tries, I still couldn't get into my account so I tried creating a new one when lo and behold, the avatar that shows when I sign in to Yahoo appeared!
The interesting thing, though, is when I sign in to my blog, my own avatar shows on my BlogLog box!!!
I am now an additional visitor to my own site!
But wait. What is that X on the upper right corner? Oh, it says I have an option to hide it. Just another way of confusing me on what I thought I've already mastered in computer skills!!!!

Waiting to exhale

Yesterday was the C-CAP preliminaries. It was all about testing the contestants' skills with knives, cooking temperature, timing, safety and sanitation practices plus plenty of positive attitude. I know Oscar did a good job but still, we won't know if he qualified, or not, for the final competition until Tuesday. That will be the longest three days for him. And for me. Emmanuel decided to observe Oscar during his "ordeal" because he is contemplating on attending a culinary school come September. Qualifying or not, intense practicing on the annual competition recipes will start on Monday.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Two of My Favorites

Today, Oprah interviewed Tom Cruise at his Telluride, Colorado home. Had to tape the show because of some conflict in my schedule. I am so glad he went on air. The best part of the show for me was when Oprah was telling Tom her wish for him - the peace of the mountains.

I wish you that, too, Tom.