Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This is My Kuya Edes ...


If asked for words to describe you those will be : UNSELFISHNESS & GENEROSITY!

When you were still courting our sister, Nor, Tammi and I would always look forward to your visit because we were sure you wouldn't mind us tagging along wherever you went.  Oftentimes it would be us, "the younger ones" who would even suggest the place.  You would always smile at our suggestions.   Your visits would always mean we would go to your favorite restaurants, or beach/picnic grounds, or department store!  I still have a vivid memory of that place in Quezon where fish I've never seen or tasted before were grilled to our specification!  WOW, how you impressed us!!  And during all those times, never did we see you frown!  If you wanted to be with Ate Baby alone, we were unmindful!

You never ceased to amaze me every time you would accompany your family in their shopping, with me tagging along, of course.  You could wait forever  until everyone was satisfied with his finds.  Never, not even once,   did I hear you say "tayo na" or "tama na 'yan" or "matagal pa ba kayo?".

I will always keep in my heart those times when, rain or shine, you would include my family in your heavy schedule  and pick us up in your already heavily loaded jeep, so we could visit our folks in Batangas. 

I admired very much how you looked after and cared for your parents and your sister's kids after their parents were gone. Your love for them is unmeasurable!  And how you kept up with the moods of Tatay is unbelievable.

And the good part about all these? -  is that your love for us you extend to your friends, as well.  You are one of a kind, Kuya Edes!!!

May God keep your soul in HIS heart!

We will miss you!