Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your character shows!!!

Rachel and Kit had been inviting me to join FarmTown on facebook but I kept putting their invitations on hold simply because I thought I was not a computer game person. But once I gave in to their sweet come ons, I got hooked I can't even dust under my dining table! And to top it all, I am on break from work so I have the excuse to let the initial plans put aside for the later days instead.
Do you know that one's character, if I may describe it so, shows through one's computer?
There is a marketplace that one goes to if one needed a harvester or plower, since hiring someone to do all these would mean more coins/experience points for the farmer. In the market place, while waiting to be hired, one can "converse" with the other farmers. Some get so bored while waiting that they would type anything to attract attention. More often than not, I just type that I am available and wait, ocasionally greeting someone whose name I've become familiar to.
This morning I didn't have to wait long to get "offers" from three big farm owners (chuckle) who offered their whole farms to myself only. (If you are a farmtown player, and wanted so badly to get to the next level, you know what this means !) The last one who hired me has almost a dozen mansions in his farm. Nothing else. WOOOOOOW!! And here I am who can't even qualify to own one and I've been working and laboring for three whole weeks now.
Of course I complimented him on his acquisition and thanked him for "hiring" me. I used the words, may instead of can, excused myself when I thought I was working slow, followed up if I couldn't finish a job because of some computer glitzes, when all of a sudden he asked me from where I am. Told him where. He typed back: you were so polite even for a european or american... (I can't blame him for the insinuations.)
Told him my father made sure I do.
Then he asked me to be his buddy.

Monday, August 10, 2009


I think there is nothing more inspiring (except hubby, of course) early in the morning than the sight of an orchid in bloom, as this one directly peeping at me through my kitchen sink window.......
A good day to everyone.