Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Thanks to FB, I found Phil!!!

She's always Auntie Phil to my kids. She's Phil to everyone who had worked with her - whether as a co-teacher or as a member of the choir that she coached.
We last saw each other in 1985. But every time friends from our Nigerian days and I get together, there will always be someone who will mention her name either wondering where she could be these days, or if I have gotten in contact with her. Yes, that was her impact on our group. So, since facebook always "invites" me to look for friends I started playing with the app by typing her maiden name. Wow, she's not the only one. More than a dozen popped up of the same name. I started scrolling down thru the list.. then I saw those eyes, and those lips, and that unmistakable smile! I got excited. Hit her name. Got to her page. Data matched some of what I knew of her. Sent her a message ... and ... after a few days of anxiety .. she confirmed!!!
It was a great unexplainable feeling.......
It is very nice to see you again, PHIL !!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Baffling, indeed....

I came across this sentence:
Whatever wife lectures the violent baffle.
and I am really baffled as to its meaning. Any thoughts on it?