Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Busy Bee

A blue ribbon for Jacob.
Jacob was the only one who spelled all 100 words correctly during a Spelling Bee contest for his age group.
Congratulations, Jacob. Keep up the good work. Keep your bee always busy. We are all very very proud of you!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Vrooooom, vroooooommmm.......

Does that make you turn your head? No, not that girl in bikini. That sound. Yes, the vrooooommmm vroooom sound of that small car that proudly displays a turbo charger gleaming just below its trunk.
I don't know about you but a car that sounds like a turbo is charging it will always get my vote. For me it makes the car proud, brave, in charge. It adds character to the car, too, making it less boring. Just an hour ago, I borrowed hubby's car and when I stepped on the gas, I had to really step hard on the accelerator because it wouldn't move forward as fast as I wanted it to. If it had a turbo charger I know it would go from 0 to 65 mph in a second. I may be out of the now generation's range, but I still consider speed as in. If you want your car to charge, no pun intended, give a visit and decide for yourself. You might even be glad you did.
Have fun. Stay young.

You Are What You Wear

Last summer, on one of our godsons' mom's invitation, my husband and I visited a godson at his camp in North Carolina. He was in the navy. When we arrived, he was in a city T-shirt reminding us of when he was much younger playing with our sons who were also wearing the same style of outfit. That evening, he and his girl-friend, who was also in the military, took us for a look-see inside their camp. It was a self-contained community with its own hospital, postal office, supermarket, and churches. No wonder he wasn't feeling homesick anymore.
The following morning, we were to meet him in a mall just outside the gates. I was surprised to see how different he looked in his uniform. He was not the shy teen-ager I remembered anymore. He looked so confident and commanding and oh, so gentlemanly.
His tactical uniform suited him to a T. That night, he told us that he might be deployed to a war zone. Although I felt so concerned about his safety, at the same time I couldn't help myself from picturing him with all his military bags and tools supported with Malice Clips on his back.
Three months later, his mom and I gave a sigh of temporary relief. He called to say his deployment was on hold until his tonsils healed!

It only took a split second..........

The traffic was so bad that for the last 30 minutes my speed was a little over 5 mph only. On top of it all, the weather was much warmer than yesterday that my eyes were begging to shut close. I thought I was dreaming when I suddenly felt a thugggg behind me! Whoaa! Someone just bumped me. I slowed down and parked on the shoulder. The man in the car behind me parked, too. He started apologizing as soon as he saw me. I looked at my car and thought - This is nothing compared to the last one. I asked him: "Were you feeling sleepy?" (Or,was I projecting?) Embarrassed, he said "Oh, no. Not at all. I just took a split second glance away from the road when all of a sudden ......."
He started writing out his particulars still apologizing. I took the piece of paper, checked everything he wrote and told him: "If I had to pay for anything I will call you. Now, focus on the road, will you?" He thanked me and we were both on our way.
And my eyes stayed wide open till I parked in our garage.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Into the Future

Every time I look at a structure, I visualize the lines and curves in terms of what I had learned in my Drawing I class during my freshman year in the College of Engineering, although I never became an engineer. At the time, and in my neck of the woods, the word computer is unheard of. All I knew of the term is that it is someone who computes like an accountant. I haven't even seen a mechanical calculator. The closest to it was an abacus that one of my grandfathers kept under his bed. Then a sister got married to an architect and I saw how laborious designing a home or a building was. My brother-in-law would spend days and days calculating how much each room would cost, or how many kilos of nails would be needed or how many cubic feet of lumber must be made available for his carpenters and aides. And every number was added, subtracted, divided or multiplied by hand! Can any student imagine doing that today?
Then I went back to the land of my birth recently and saw how my nephew, who followed in his dad's footsteps, did his work. I observed how he consulted with his client, did a rough drawing of how he interpreted his client's preferences, went home and, with an Auto CAD Software finished all his paperwork with ease ready to present for his customer's final approval.
For more global structural projects like corporate buildings, bridges or dams where a community of architects and engineers consult with each other on a continuous basis a MicroStation Help would be the best way to go.....and... the fastest way into the future.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inside Out

Want your house to have that most admired curb appeal? How about an unexpected burst of colors by your windows or doors? Exterior shutters can do the trick. Shutters are made from different durable materials like authentic wood - examples of which are pine and cedar, or, synthetic like vinyl. They also come in different shapes and sizes and in different lovely colors to suit anyone's needs or preferences.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I can still do it?

A cousin-in-law is preparing for his retirement and started giving away some of his "worldly" possesssions. I was so happy when he offered me his electric keyboard. I haven't played any piano piece since I got married so instead of getting it for myself, I was really thinking of Jacob since he is now taking piano lessons.
After cleaning the keyboard I tried tinkering with the keys and thought I could still play simple pieces if I practiced. The very first, and only piece, I memorized to play was Love and Devotion (opus 52) by Louis Drumheller. (Does that sound very very ancient to you?) But when I tried it all that I could remember was the first part and only for the right hand. I searched for a piano sheet I could download but failed. So I went to eBay and was so excited to find someone from Canada with one for sale. I received the piece on Thursday and started practicing right away hoping my neighbors won't bang on our walls.
I can still play it, only much slower than I used to. I feel great knowing I still can do it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Picture taken last year in North Carolina. Was trying to look for a more recent picture but all of the more recent pics are in the other computer. And I am already late. But as the saying goes, "Better late than never!"

Happy birthday, Ed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Childhood Fantasy

It looks so beautiful. Every furniture is well selected and put in its perfect place. Curtains of the most exquisite of materials are so well tailored adding elegance to every room. And those chandeliers - they take my breath away!
"Hurry up. We still have a lot of shopping to do," shouted my cousin from the shoe department snapping me out of my reverie of that dollhouse in the toy department.
One of my childhood fantasies has been to own and furnish/decorate a dollhouse of my own. Since I have sons, that dream was overshadowed by cars and balls. Today my dream was awakened by dollhouse furnitures that tittilate my mind. Even in my sleep (yeah, I just had a nap) I was putting together bedroom and dining room furnitures that has a lot of in its collection.
I think I will start with the dining/kitchen room first.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Three and three to go...

Two weeks ago I thought I couldn't go on. Going back to work after an eight-week-vacation, that is. I had gotten so used to staying in bed way way past my waking up time that for a whole week, it scared me to think that I might fall asleep on the job. But, as they say, old habits never die. I wake up before my alarm went off, still enjoy my morning radio station, still relax on my driving, and most of all I still enjoy coming to work, with or without traffic!
The past two weeks was too much of a yin-yang thing for me. A part of the family died and almost as I was receiving the news, a goddaughter was giving birth to a beautiful daughter. Jacob got sick and was not able to go to one of his piano lessons, but yesterday, he surprised me by playing every page on his first book and told me he'll start on his 2nd book next week.
It was only eight days ago when I was feeling sick each time I thought of the working months ahead of me. I really thought hard about retiring, and yet, the last week just zoomed by shortening my waiting time immensely (three months and three more weeks to go before the next finals! And I am very grateful I still have my job.
Ahhhh, life. You are so interesting!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Swish, swash, swiiiiissssshhh!!!

Pnnngggggg! I was so engrossed listening to my morning music station when I was suddenly awakened from my reverie by the sound of a metal, or was it a rock, hitting my windshield. Because it was raining, I didn't pay much attetion thinking the sound was part of the accompaniment. Another thing was that the wiper was busy swissh-swasshing I was straining my eyes between the movement of the blades and the road. Not until I got home did I notice that whatever hit the glass didn't leave any crack or unsightly mark on it.
I drive a mini van, which is, according to my second son, a very "mom" car. I have also had my windshield repaired once or twice. How I wish the windshield wiper is of clear material through and through. It would be great if the wiper will appear invisible as it does its job (especially on a fast mode) and not block, or should I say, disturb, my view, as I drive during heavy traffic. Another thing I would care for is a quiet, and I mean QUIET wiper. I am sure that many moms will agree with me when I say that you need all your senses working at the same time when driving a mini-van full of kids.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Green Means GO

Picking up my eldest grandson from school is always a learning treat for me. There was that time when I was in a hurry for another appointment when I was caught with a red light halfway through the intersection. Guess what my grandson warned me of: "Grannie, you tried to beat the red light. That was dangerous. Didn't you know you have to slow down on yellow light then wait and go ahead on green light?" Was my face red! I wanted to reason out but I was embarrassed and afraid I would utter the wrong words. On still another trip, he lectured me on how I should dispose of our old newspapers and bottles because, in his own words: "We need to recyle, Grannie." If a six-year-old boy believes that there are ways of making this earth safer, who am I to contradict him?
Every year, at about this time when there is no more threat of morning frosts, my hubby starts planning on what he can plant. He had been collecting left-over vegetable/fruit cuttings for his compost believing that if he goes organic it will be safer for his grandkids. He knows I love tomatoes so getting an organic tomato growing kit will make his tomato planting easier. There are quite a number of organic gardening products that will ensure a better tomorrow for our young. I am sure hubby will be excited to receive such products on his coming birthday.
For me and my grandson, I will get those organic bug control or pantry pest traps, so nothing will spoil the ingredients for our baking projects.
Let's go now. It just turned green!