Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nature Photo Challenge #1

Nature Photo Challenge:
Keeping nature alive around the world, I was nominated by Tina Medrana to be part of the evolving sharing. For 7 days, every picture shared will continue to spin off to new extended horizons from the new nominees designated along the 7 days.

The sowers of life. They can fly thousands of miles and spread the seeds of life. The pollinators of this great planet called Earth. A third of our food supply comes from these species, even medicines that treat us. As their numbers are declining, we should take action by planting flowering plants and by not spraying harmful chemicals. Let them breed so we can breathe!
Today, I nominate Rachel Roxas-Yapchiongco to continue sharing her Nature's discovery. Rachel, it's your turn to keep it moving (please tag me)
Day #1
I was walking to my car after attending a nephew's birthday party when I saw a fence covered with this vine with tiny beautiful flowers. I was intrigued by the geometry involved in the arrangement of petals and pistils. in addition to it's beautiful colors.
How can you not love nature?

Sunday, November 22, 2015


It is that time of the year again when we think of falling leaves, turkey on the table accompanied with stuffing and mashed potato and gravy plus, lest we forget, pumpkin pie!  It is also that time when we find gratefulness in our hearts for everything that had happened in our lives.

This year, I am doubly thankful for my grand kids.  Just thinking of them brings lightness in my heart.
I am thankful for our health, hubby's and mine.  Though not so perfect we are still able to do our "apo-stolic" mission.  We are thankful we are still needed and that we can still help in our own little ways.
I am thankful for our sons and their wives for doing good with their own families.  I pray that our Lord continue to shower them with HIS abundant blessings, that they be granted the wisdom to understand and love each other as we have loved them.
I am thankful for our friends - for their thoughtfulness, concerns and kindness.
I am thankful for our families - for their unconditional love.
I am thankful for the all the governments that continuously work  for world peace.
I am thankful I am alive!  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Musings of a Grandma in her Seventies

I have not blogged for a long long long time and I can't explain why.
I think FB is the culprit.
I need to be more vigilant in putting the drops on my eyes.  They are getting dry and I feel uncomfortable.
I noticed that the green tops affect my gout whenever I eat them.  I am not absolutely sure yet, but I think they do.  
The house has become very cold these last three days I had to put on my pj's.
Have to  do my  nails .....
.... select what to wear for Saturday......
.... might color my hair.
Need to water the lawn before it turns all brown.
Been enjoying going back to read old old blogs.
Catching up on my reading.
Need to hone my cooking skills to make new recipes.
Have to re-learn how to write again... so I visited First 50 Words ...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

30 Days of Love

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This is a re-post in honor of my love for an aunt as she showed her love for me.


According to Rose Kennedy: "Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments."
This is my, Tia Paring.  She is pretty, isn't she?

If I can only put into words those moments I spent with my Tia Paring my milestones will fill a book!

To mention some:

She sewed my dress for my first piano recital .. a white organdy dress with flowing  layered skirt.  I can not forget those times she would come home during her break from work just to show me how to do the lazy daisy stitches on each layer. We chose the maroon color and  I felt  like a princess as I proudly sat before the piano that morning of the recital with my beautiful skirt covering  the whole piano bench!  I was 9!

Then, one day, I discovered a secret!  I often wondered how she always had money for everything.  One day somebody came, crying.  They talked.  Then she went to a  cabinet, took something from inside, gave it to the neighbor who thanked her so profusely I thought my Tia's hand would get detached  from her arm. That's when I discovered that in that mysterious cabinet she kept a box for her loose change so she could have something to give to those who come  to her unexpectedly.  No wonder  her house was always full of people on Christmas day.

Like many parents of her generation, she never demonstrated her affection publicly,  but, next to her own children,   I know that she loved me and my older sister very much. I just felt it.  She was the one who showed me how to "take care" of myself when I first had my "monthly visitor".  I was coming home from school when I noticed her by the door, which I thought was unusual.  As I entered the house,  she whispered to me to go to the bathroom and there she talked to me about that girly thing. That's when I learned that she had been checking the clothes I took off every morning.  Oh, I can jus imagine how many of my underwears she had hand washed for me.

All of my uncle and aunts my mom's side called me by  another name: Minda.   That's one thing I will miss the most. I will never hear her call me by that name anymore.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Month of LOVE

I have not visited you, my blog,  for more than a year!  It is because every time I open you, something pops up on the screen that makes me hold back.  Now  it is time for me to be brave and do my part for Mimi's 30 Days of Love.  I can't promise I can post 30 times that is why there is no number on my entries, but I will try my best even if I go beyond the time limit.  I hope Mimi won't mind.

Thank you, Mimi, for giving me the courage and inspiration.