Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nature Photo Challenge #1

Nature Photo Challenge:
Keeping nature alive around the world, I was nominated by Tina Medrana to be part of the evolving sharing. For 7 days, every picture shared will continue to spin off to new extended horizons from the new nominees designated along the 7 days.

The sowers of life. They can fly thousands of miles and spread the seeds of life. The pollinators of this great planet called Earth. A third of our food supply comes from these species, even medicines that treat us. As their numbers are declining, we should take action by planting flowering plants and by not spraying harmful chemicals. Let them breed so we can breathe!
Today, I nominate Rachel Roxas-Yapchiongco to continue sharing her Nature's discovery. Rachel, it's your turn to keep it moving (please tag me)
Day #1
I was walking to my car after attending a nephew's birthday party when I saw a fence covered with this vine with tiny beautiful flowers. I was intrigued by the geometry involved in the arrangement of petals and pistils. in addition to it's beautiful colors.
How can you not love nature?

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