Friday, November 27, 2009

Will they still?

From a community news-magazine:
A man is walking with his young son when the son notices several people coming over to greet and ask for his dad's signature. Always curious, the son asks his dad who those kind people are. "They are my friends and fans, son." To which the son asks back: "When your ink runs out, dad, will they still be your friends and fans?"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Am thankful for:

- my family that keeps me company; - friends that make me feel wanted;
- a job that gives me a break from things I don't want to remember;
- the early morning drive that gives me time to pray and ponder;
- students that make me frown, laugh, shout, giggle, sigh, misty-eyed, etc.;
- students that make me listen, think, review, apply, analyze, change....;
- Jacob, Joshua, Matthew and David (JaJoMaDa) for making me feel and think young;
- FB games that I use as therapy when things don't seem right;
- this blog and the bloggers that I meet through it;
- the trees, flowers, seas, mountains, rocks, animals, insects, etc,; --- they remind me that there is one Grand Creator;
- a million more........

Friday, November 13, 2009

Salad without tomatoes? No way!

Whenever I mention salad to hubby, he knows it must include tomato, tomato of any color, shape or size. Once a year he starts his tomato planting ritual by saving all the peelings and vegetable leftovers from his cooking in a dug-up hole in one corner at our backyard. Then he would visit the stores and greenhouses in our community for his seed or seedling needs, and, mind you, not forgetting the countless catalogs advertising vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees that come with our mails. By mid-summer our visitors can not help but notice that every dish on our menu includes tomatoes in every form imaginable!
If only he knew of an organic tomato growing kit then he wouldn't be worrying so much about how to keep his tomato plants from bending and it's fruits touching the ground. The Stake It Easy included in the Safer brand Tomato and Vegetable Kit would have kept him free of sleepless nights. He wouldn't have to worry, either, of how to keep the bugs from eating the buds and boring holes on the leaves and young fruits of his tomatoes because an organic insect killer is also included in the kit. What he should be worrying now is how to answer his grandkids' questions why there are no more caterpillars that travel along the tomato vines! Post?slot_id=79722&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

Wind of Change

Before leaving for work this morning I had to grab a sweater after feeling the very cold air coming thru the open garage door. As I was moving out of our driveway I noticed the poodles of water on the road. So, it rained in the night and I didn't hear a thing!
When I reached my school's parking lot, the wet steps to my building confirmed the rainy night before.
After lunch, as I was recording my student's grades, I noticed that I didn't have my sweater on and I couldn't remember taking it off. I thought: "what's happening?"
Why the sudden change of wind?
That's when I remember: I am in California!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hey, Moms, Hear Ye!

Hey, moms. Planning on travelling but having second thoughts because of a baby or toddler to consider? Worry no more. At you will find selecting and booking for your dream trip so easy that harness buddy can be a real friend soon. Testimonials from those who have travelled through it and are happy about their experiences will help you decide faster. Come on, give it a try!


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Monday, November 09, 2009

Through their eyes....

While explaining the different knife cuts to my 6th period class, I noticed two boys so engrossed with something that I was very sure was not related to the subject matter we were in. I slowly tiptoed towards their table and almost everybody was laughing when they were both so startled they instinctively threw the paper they were so seriously working on on the floor. As I was retrieving the paper I couldn't help laughing myself, as I silently uttered to myself: "Well at least I was grinning here!"

Sunday, November 08, 2009

We could have felt cooler...

Nothing can be more uncomfortable than losing your car's aircon unit working on a summer day while cruising on a Los Angeles traffic!
It happened to my husband's car and I know what I am talking about, I tell you. We started looking for a mechanic right away without checking around. If only we learned earlier that we could have found auto a/c parts at a great discount with full warranty and free shipping, we could have saved a lot and feel much cooler!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

AAAAHhhh, What a Drink!

Halloween's all behind kids' minds now. Costumes had been sent to the dry cleaners or tossed at the recycle bins. Candy bags are past half empty. Looking back at that night, were your kids tricked or treated right?
As moms our concern is to provide our kids the best nutrition we can give them. What can be more nutritious than milk? Milk is the food of life. It is an almost complete food. High in calcium that keeps children's bones and teeth and hair growing. It is a very good source of protein that helps cells grow and repair themselves. But, as important as milk is for children's growth, they can get tired of drinking it everyday, too. But, wait. If your child is silently shouting Trick or Treat Me right, then chocolate milk is the answer. There had been a study proving that a drink of chocolate milk brings back the energy lost during a sports activity. What can be more healthy than that? And correct me if I am wrong: almost every child likes, or loves, chocolate. So, what can be a better combination than chocolate milk?
We moms also advocate a safe environment for kids, so it is but natural for us to consider storing chocolate milk in cartons safe since the raw product is paper which is very low in harmful chemical content.
When your toddler cuddles to you and whispers Twick or Tweet Me, you know what to give him/her - chocolate milk in a carton! Post?slot_id=83312&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

Monday, November 02, 2009


I have a phobia of calling parents, moms specially, back. If I initiated the call, it is OK but when I know that I have to call back because a son or daughter didn't do the right thing while in my class, I have the most unforgettable feeling one can imagine. Will somebody start yelling at me from the other end telling me how dare I get her daughter's/son's electronic gadget? That it was not my business? That I now cut the only comuunication she has with her daughter/son while she is at work? That she will call the highest of the highest authority baove me? Although I have not had that experience yet, every new call I have to make makes me feel so, or think so simply because I have heard so many stories warning me about parent calls.
Today was one of those days. I had to play all possible scenarios in my mind before I called the office to connect me to an outside line. After the third ring I was hoping, in fact praying, that no one would answer when a female voice answered and started apologizing for not answering the phone right away. A good sign, I thought. After I introduced myself she started apologizing again and promised me that she would see to it that her daughter doesn't do what she did, ever again. She even assured me that I had all the right to do what I did.
I gave a loooong **Thank God I Must Be Doing Right** sigh of relief, and thanked her for the request she placed to call her.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

To Milk or Not To Milk

I delivered three sons and I fed each of them baby formulas. I am an advocate for breast feeding even before I had my babies. Unfortunately, after three weeks of breast feeding, my glands couldn't support my desire to breast feed anymore, even how hard I tried, so I generously supported my babies with food nutrients from prepared formula milk. I never regretted doing so. They grew up healthy. Aside from occasional natural baby sickness (measles, teething fever, colds gotten from classmates) they never suffered from any severe illnesses. In fact they grew up so fast they now have their own babies to take care of.
Now I currently have four healthy grandsons and thir moms supplemented their food requirements with baby formula too. Milk formulas for babies are safe because their production is government or FDA regulated. The nutrients that go into each formula, whether it be for infants or toddlers, are meticulously tested by scientists and nutritionists before they are place on the market shelves. Different formulas for individual baby's needs are scientifically formulated, like having one specifically for lactose intolerant babies, or for babies who can not tolerate the high fat content of natural animal milk. A cousin of mine had a grandchild who developed hives after taking cow's milk. They discovered that soy milk is what could sustain the baby. She is now a very active second grader.
On top of this, when saving is an issue, moms will also notice that she is actually saving on using baby formulas. Come on, I dare you to compare.