Friday, November 13, 2009

Salad without tomatoes? No way!

Whenever I mention salad to hubby, he knows it must include tomato, tomato of any color, shape or size. Once a year he starts his tomato planting ritual by saving all the peelings and vegetable leftovers from his cooking in a dug-up hole in one corner at our backyard. Then he would visit the stores and greenhouses in our community for his seed or seedling needs, and, mind you, not forgetting the countless catalogs advertising vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees that come with our mails. By mid-summer our visitors can not help but notice that every dish on our menu includes tomatoes in every form imaginable!
If only he knew of an organic tomato growing kit then he wouldn't be worrying so much about how to keep his tomato plants from bending and it's fruits touching the ground. The Stake It Easy included in the Safer brand Tomato and Vegetable Kit would have kept him free of sleepless nights. He wouldn't have to worry, either, of how to keep the bugs from eating the buds and boring holes on the leaves and young fruits of his tomatoes because an organic insect killer is also included in the kit. What he should be worrying now is how to answer his grandkids' questions why there are no more caterpillars that travel along the tomato vines! Post?slot_id=79722&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

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