Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Am thankful for:

- my family that keeps me company; - friends that make me feel wanted;
- a job that gives me a break from things I don't want to remember;
- the early morning drive that gives me time to pray and ponder;
- students that make me frown, laugh, shout, giggle, sigh, misty-eyed, etc.;
- students that make me listen, think, review, apply, analyze, change....;
- Jacob, Joshua, Matthew and David (JaJoMaDa) for making me feel and think young;
- FB games that I use as therapy when things don't seem right;
- this blog and the bloggers that I meet through it;
- the trees, flowers, seas, mountains, rocks, animals, insects, etc,; --- they remind me that there is one Grand Creator;
- a million more........

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