Monday, November 02, 2009


I have a phobia of calling parents, moms specially, back. If I initiated the call, it is OK but when I know that I have to call back because a son or daughter didn't do the right thing while in my class, I have the most unforgettable feeling one can imagine. Will somebody start yelling at me from the other end telling me how dare I get her daughter's/son's electronic gadget? That it was not my business? That I now cut the only comuunication she has with her daughter/son while she is at work? That she will call the highest of the highest authority baove me? Although I have not had that experience yet, every new call I have to make makes me feel so, or think so simply because I have heard so many stories warning me about parent calls.
Today was one of those days. I had to play all possible scenarios in my mind before I called the office to connect me to an outside line. After the third ring I was hoping, in fact praying, that no one would answer when a female voice answered and started apologizing for not answering the phone right away. A good sign, I thought. After I introduced myself she started apologizing again and promised me that she would see to it that her daughter doesn't do what she did, ever again. She even assured me that I had all the right to do what I did.
I gave a loooong **Thank God I Must Be Doing Right** sigh of relief, and thanked her for the request she placed to call her.

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