Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye, 2006 - Welcome, 2007!!

In a few hours it will be a New Year!! What have I done the last year that is worth remembering? What will I do this coming year that I will remember? Yes, I oftentimes think I really need a notebook with me all the time so I will keep track of everything I hide, take, save, write, eat, meet, buy, wear, cook, file, and.....and........... Now is the time to reminisce abut the last year..... I know I got a year older and so did my grandchildren, children, children-in-laws, balaes, friends and relatives. I have done what Tatay used to tell us his children: travel for to travel is to get an education. How true his words are! If I didn't get the chance to travel I would still be the sensitive, immature, dependent me. But because of travels I've done, I learned that I can stand on my own two feet, didn't really need somebody's OK before I plunge into a big decision and could solve my own mistakes. My travels taught me that while there are those who have more than me, there are still many who have less, but that having more doesn't always mean happiness.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas - 2006

This Christmas, we decided to go simple for our Christmas tree. Unlike in the Philippines where you can have all the help you want in a whistle, here you have to do everything yourself, unless somebody happens to drop by. Ed noticed that his legs were hurting after taking down the boxes of the parols and deers from the garage ceiling. So I decided - That's it. we will just have Christmas balls this year!.
When I attended a convention in Atlanta I saw these beautiful cloissone balls in one of the participating booths. I thought even one of those would be a beautiful gift to start friends on their own Christmas tree decoration. But the more I look at our bare tree the more I got convinced that I should have them all on my tree! I have only seven pieces so I needed more balls to complement the cloissones so I decided further on getting red balls this time. But the stores, because it was already almost the week of Christmas, ran short of red ones, so if you look closer, the bottom part of the tree were of gold balls. Actually there are three layers - the cloissones on top (as suggested by Patrick), the reds, then the golds (with one alien). But of course, the angel needs to be there...
We had always opted for the Noble Fir, but this year we changed to (forgot the name at the moment) a more full, thick one. And the change was good, we all thought.
I got acquainted with the cloissone process when we were on a trip to China. I thought it was only for jewelry so you can only imagine my surprise when I saw those balls!!! Wished the lady selling had more - I would have bought them all! If you look at the details you will agree with me, won't you?