Monday, August 12, 2013

Homestay Parenting Experiences – last 4 for 2013

This morning, we said our goodbyes to the last group of four we fostered this summer.  Good byes are always bitter sweet.  Sweet because we are happy they will go back to their families with good memories of America and bitter because we will surely miss them and their ways while they were with us these last 13 days!
When we got this assignment and found out that we would have the same kids for two weeks, we were apprehensive – how are we going to keep them “un-bored” for two weeks!  On the second week, are we going to “recycle” our first week’s menu?  Where can we take them to keep them occupied while they are not in school? 

“Ah. Let’s take it one day at a time,”  hubby said.

After one week with no hitch at all,  we heaved a sigh of relief!  On to the next week.  We found we’re not short of menu offerings after all -  just a little tweaking here and there with the old.  Ain’t that great!

But what really  made these last two weeks easy for us was how these last four behaved or reacted.  Every time we picked them up from school we asked them where they would want to go, or if they would want us to take them somewhere,  and they always had unanimous answer: 

“You don’t want to see other places, shop or, anything?”
“No. We just want to go home, mom!”
“You must be hungry!”
“We will just eat at home, mom and dad!”

To myself:  “Luck is on our side,” grinning.

There was just one thing they like doing after school: having a scoop or two of ice cream before they went to their rooms to hit their i-pads/phones/computer with their fingers! Oh, yes, I showed them that eating ice cream with potato chips is OK!  Actually, they loved it!

So, those two weeks passed with just two trips to the mall, (and they only asked for no more than an hour), and a trip to the grocery store to buy some ice cream! Oh, I almost left one more -  several prods to take their showers… lol.

Funny how when you worry about something,  you find out that there really is nothing to worry about in the first place!!

While it is a beautiful way to end a home parenting year it is sad we will miss the experience of caring for those lovable boys! 

Well, till next year………….

Meanwhile, back to our empty nest……

Ah, life!