Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Joshua Defending His Case

Last Friday, I was given the assignment of taking and picking up Joshua from his Tae Kwan Do class. He had been very quiet at the back seat while we were slowly cruising along Mountain Ave. when all of a sudden he asked:

       "Uhhhmmmm, Grannie, may I ask you a question?"
"Of course you can, What is it?"
      "Uhhhmmmm....Tomorrow is my birthday."
"I know. Are you excited?"
      "Yes, Grannie.  hmmmmm, what gift are you giving me?"
"Have you forgotten?  Your sparring uniform, remember?"
      "Yes, Grannie." 

Then, silence.  I was humming to the music playing on the radio  when Joshua cut into my reverie!

     "But, Grannie...."
"Yes, Josh?"
     "You gave that to me when I was still 5 years old and  tomorrow I will be 6 so that uniform is your gift for my 5th birthday and you still have to buy me one for my 6th birthday tomorrow."
And he ended his argument with:
      "There is a TRU store by your house, Grannie.  We can go there before we go home."

Who do you think won?

And I learned my lesson:  give the gift at the right time!  lol


Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Reasons Why I Blog-4-Peace (60 to go)

I blog for peace beacause:
~~~~ I want to have my grandkids walk the streets without any fear of being hurt;
~~~~ I want to erase the blots caused by shortshightedness about people who seem not normal to "the normals";
~~~~ I want more human beings to continue what Princess Diana thought was hindering world peace;
~~~~ I want a borderless world;
~~~~ I want music to be an aid in opening up peoples' minds  so they may be made aware on how world peace can be achieved;
~~~~ I want peoples to commune and follow the good in their Gods'  teachings;
~~~~ I want discoveries that will slow, if not completely eradicate, what we now term as terminal illnesses;
~~~~ I want all mothers to have no fear in bearing children;
~~~~ I want children to grow happy that they were born;

~~~~ I want those who govern us to understand that not all of us earn the same amount they do;
~~~~ I want people in the government to stop quarrelling because they are spending the citizens' money for every second that they do;
~~~~ I want people in the government to stop working just so one can be more popular than the other;
~~~~ I want people in the government to start working because they want to  bring America its lost glory;
~~~~ I want people in the government to stop legislating towards more increases for their own retirement entitlements;
~~~~ I want my athletes to be organic;
~~~~ I want to eat food that will not alter or mess up my hormones;
~~~~ I want to take a medicine that will really cure irregardless of whether it will reap a company humungous profit or not;
~~~~ I want to see all the flowers bloom in their full colors and all the birds chirping in gay abandon;
~~~~ I want companies to think twice, even thrice, before they put carcinogenic products on sale;
~~~~ I want to travel by air without calling on all the saints! 

my 20th reason why I blog for peace (80 to go)

....i blog for peace so I can share JFK's words on PEACE.....

my 20th reason why I blog for peace (80 to go)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

True Friendship Never Dies Nor Fades

I don't know if it was boredom that drove me to look for names on my FB header but that one afternoon one name kept popping up in my head. I thought:   'she might  be listed, or someone who may know her', when lo and behold, a face popped up that was unmistakably that of the little girl who used to play with my first little boy and with her was the very person I wanted to get in contact with!! !   Persevere and you will get your answers, I must have read that somewhere lol.  So I sent  a message including my phone numbers.  When I received a message back with a number, I hit the phone right away.  It was no denying it was she who was on the other end.... I could picture her smiling face and the gentle voice with that unique accent.  We started laughing as we reminisced about our yesterdays. We set a time to meet,  And we did!

Her 2nd girl (the face that took my attention) drove her and an aunt to our place. I would recognize her anywhere.  She's still as slender as the last time I saw her, which convinces me the more that I should follow a DIL's advise to cut on my carbs and sugars and change to brown rice (hahahah).  She still has that gentle chuckle as we looked at browned and faded photos. We talked about the years in between.  Oh, there were so many things we still wanted to talk about but the time was too short!
The highlight of our meeting was being reminded that I am a godparent to her 2nd daughter. Oh my, how could I forget!!!  I owe my goddaughter a lot and asked for her forgiveness.  I am grateful that she understood with a smile.  We have a lot of making up for lost time.  At least, we hurdled the first step - knowing where each other is lol.

And the girl who used to play with my little boy?  I still have to see her!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Day with My GOD

"This is my prayer group.  If you can... do join us!"  the e-mail said.

How could I say NO?  But to be honest, when I first read the invitation and later, the day's program,  my first thought was "Oh, my,  can I stay focused listening to sermons for 8 hours!"  Even the promised breakfast, lunch and snacks couldn't convince me enough.  But she is a very good friend.  Letting her down would be cruel! So,  I hovered my mouse over the YES option and, with a heavy finger, hit the Enter button!  That's the beauty of this tech world, it shortens your agonizing time.
Since I arrived in America, I had been accepting invitations to attend renewal meetings, bible studies, masses, services, etc. from various faiths and denominations. I try to get the best from each session and take it with me with an open mind.  And everytime, I feel more secured in my own religion.  My chosen faith.  My GOD!
Or, should I say, OUR GOD!!!
The day started with setting up the room and breakfast.  Then before I knew it, it was lunch time.  The journey we took thru the presentations of God's words were so engaging,  and funny at  times that, along the way, I almost wet my underwear from laughing. After all I am not that young anymore!  After a sumptuous lunch, we had some sharing moment where I experienced through others' testimonials how God makes and lets us know, feel, and see HE exists. I didn't experience any heat or cold sensations, or an out-of-earth feeling during the pray-over, but I knew HE was there with me, guiding me, looking after me. I went home happy, energized, enlightened.

My friend, thank you for the invitation to experience my GOD, our GOD!!!

Monday, August 08, 2011

More Reasons Why I Blog=4-Peace (81 to go)

~~~ so scientists can have more funds and time to research on how to clean the environment for the next generations to enjoy;
~~~ so politicians can concentrate more in talking and discussing, planning and  deciding for the needs of their own peoples;
~~~ so that casualties of wars will be lessened until eradicated; 
~~~ so that the unborn will not be denied a  friendly,  tolerant, clean,  and beautiful world;
~~~ so we won't need double locks on our doors;
~~~ so there will be no need to put a grill on our windows;
~~~ so all parks will be safe for all children to be around the world; 
~~~ so events associated with Sarajevo and Hirosima will not happen again;
~~~ so everybody will find the roses beautiful and smelling good once more!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Blog4Peace - Why? (91 to go)

~~~I blog for peace because I want to live in peace.

~~~I blog for peace so the trees around me will stay verdant and tall for all the grandkids in the world to enjoy.      
     (When I was small I used to climb trees and pretend I was on top of the world as I looked down on the     chuckling chickens and feeding hogs in our yard.)

~~~I blog hoping that peace will come to those who are running away from war because of their leaders' ideologies.

~~~I blog for peace because peace means happiness.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Really??? That long already?

                 This post has been inspired by a post from a retired friend.
                 I've been retired one full year today.  Yeeeyyyy, another anniversary to celebrate... NOT!!!
Unlike my friend I was only half, or let's say, a quarter prepared to retire when I did. Four years earlier I set out a plan, just like my friend.  But 2 years later my plan turned lopsided because of  an unforeseen event in the family.  The main column of my balcony collapsed unannounced.  I had to find a replacement.  I lost my footing, concentration, my resolve. I got very, very nervous. I was lost!
                But what is meant to be meant to be.  One week before  my first day of retirement, I formed in my mind the things that I would be doing, tackling, finishing, building. Today, those are still in my mind!
Hurrying, organizing, pleasing .... these are  NOT in my list of favorite words anymore, after all,
                to quote from an e-mail I received this morning:

As I've aged, I've become kinder to myself, and less critical of myself. I've become my own friend. I don't chide myself for eating that extra cookie, or for not making my bed, or for buying that silly cement gecko that I didn't need, but looks so avante garde on my patio. I am entitled to a treat, to be messy, to be extravagant.
and besides, I have all the time at my disposal,.