Monday, August 08, 2011

More Reasons Why I Blog=4-Peace (81 to go)

~~~ so scientists can have more funds and time to research on how to clean the environment for the next generations to enjoy;
~~~ so politicians can concentrate more in talking and discussing, planning and  deciding for the needs of their own peoples;
~~~ so that casualties of wars will be lessened until eradicated; 
~~~ so that the unborn will not be denied a  friendly,  tolerant, clean,  and beautiful world;
~~~ so we won't need double locks on our doors;
~~~ so there will be no need to put a grill on our windows;
~~~ so all parks will be safe for all children to be around the world; 
~~~ so events associated with Sarajevo and Hirosima will not happen again;
~~~ so everybody will find the roses beautiful and smelling good once more!!