Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Reasons Why I Blog-4-Peace (60 to go)

I blog for peace beacause:
~~~~ I want to have my grandkids walk the streets without any fear of being hurt;
~~~~ I want to erase the blots caused by shortshightedness about people who seem not normal to "the normals";
~~~~ I want more human beings to continue what Princess Diana thought was hindering world peace;
~~~~ I want a borderless world;
~~~~ I want music to be an aid in opening up peoples' minds  so they may be made aware on how world peace can be achieved;
~~~~ I want peoples to commune and follow the good in their Gods'  teachings;
~~~~ I want discoveries that will slow, if not completely eradicate, what we now term as terminal illnesses;
~~~~ I want all mothers to have no fear in bearing children;
~~~~ I want children to grow happy that they were born;

~~~~ I want those who govern us to understand that not all of us earn the same amount they do;
~~~~ I want people in the government to stop quarrelling because they are spending the citizens' money for every second that they do;
~~~~ I want people in the government to stop working just so one can be more popular than the other;
~~~~ I want people in the government to start working because they want to  bring America its lost glory;
~~~~ I want people in the government to stop legislating towards more increases for their own retirement entitlements;
~~~~ I want my athletes to be organic;
~~~~ I want to eat food that will not alter or mess up my hormones;
~~~~ I want to take a medicine that will really cure irregardless of whether it will reap a company humungous profit or not;
~~~~ I want to see all the flowers bloom in their full colors and all the birds chirping in gay abandon;
~~~~ I want companies to think twice, even thrice, before they put carcinogenic products on sale;
~~~~ I want to travel by air without calling on all the saints! 

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