Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Day with My GOD

"This is my prayer group.  If you can... do join us!"  the e-mail said.

How could I say NO?  But to be honest, when I first read the invitation and later, the day's program,  my first thought was "Oh, my,  can I stay focused listening to sermons for 8 hours!"  Even the promised breakfast, lunch and snacks couldn't convince me enough.  But she is a very good friend.  Letting her down would be cruel! So,  I hovered my mouse over the YES option and, with a heavy finger, hit the Enter button!  That's the beauty of this tech world, it shortens your agonizing time.
Since I arrived in America, I had been accepting invitations to attend renewal meetings, bible studies, masses, services, etc. from various faiths and denominations. I try to get the best from each session and take it with me with an open mind.  And everytime, I feel more secured in my own religion.  My chosen faith.  My GOD!
Or, should I say, OUR GOD!!!
The day started with setting up the room and breakfast.  Then before I knew it, it was lunch time.  The journey we took thru the presentations of God's words were so engaging,  and funny at  times that, along the way, I almost wet my underwear from laughing. After all I am not that young anymore!  After a sumptuous lunch, we had some sharing moment where I experienced through others' testimonials how God makes and lets us know, feel, and see HE exists. I didn't experience any heat or cold sensations, or an out-of-earth feeling during the pray-over, but I knew HE was there with me, guiding me, looking after me. I went home happy, energized, enlightened.

My friend, thank you for the invitation to experience my GOD, our GOD!!!


Unknown said...

My first prayer seminar as an adult was most fulfilling; most especially because my closest friends, which includes my Mom, were there with me.

I am now compelled to put together a few bible verses for discussion everytime we meet.

Princess said...

I will be looking forward to that and thanks for visiting... now I have to review my thinking skills lol