Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Plant

I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I told myself I would have one, too. But I had to wait, hubby said. There is no place for it, he added. So I waited patiently. Then, the right time came. Without warning, hubby came home one day, a big smile on his face, cuddling in his arms a brown paper bag filled with my most coveted plant!.
Oh, how I loved my new plant. Hubby helped me nurtured it, caressed it, loved it. We learned what it wanted and we gave it our all. There were days when we couldn't be with our plant and it gave us signs that we were missed. But we easily learned how to make up for lost time. Thinking that our plant will be happier with a friend I convinced hubby to get another. Again, surprising me, he arrived with a big smile on his face cuddling a brown bag in his arms. Inside the brown bag was a friend to our beloved plant. Then change started showing little by little until the truth hit us from nowhere. Little by little, the new plant started engulfing our plant... practicallly taking it away from us. First, its leaves started drying out on the edges, then the blooms got smaller and smaller until some of its branches started falling off from the trunk. Then the roots started rotting until our plant, our beloved plant, was there no more!
All I can do now is think of those days when my dear dear plant was in bloom!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Our grandson Jacob invited hubby and me to attend their outreach church's opening. He practically begged us to join him, Joshua and his mom and dad. How can one disappoint a grandson? One simply can't!
One of the highlights of their service was when their invited Pastor from San Diego spoke. There were so many points in his talk that kept me listening intently specially when he said that the bible is the only book that is always current, never needs updating, that it holds what everyone needs to know, and that it stands for Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.
He talked about vision and motivation and for one who never had a formal religious instruction, I was motivated, more than ever, to learn more about what is good in my own faith and theirs, combine them, and start reading the Bible!
Thank you Pastor.