Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today will be like any other day.
Woke up before the alarm went off... thanks to hubby... thought  he'd be late for his dialysis.  Had to beg him for  5 minutes more!
In a little while, continue  cleaning/fixing the computer room ... a room that never seems to get in order no matter what I do with it.  Scan some more old pics and in the process  laugh aloud ... alone ...(we are empty nesters, remember)? Maybe get misty eyed  (yeah, ancient pics make me do lol!),  wait for hubby and get ready to pick up Jake and Josh from school.
But first things first... let me fix myself a healthy breakfast!
Coffee. Whole grain bread. Sunny side up. Orange juice. daily pills.  Done!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Always Have A Dream

Sorting out through my papers that are yellowing with years, I came upon this poem that I either got from a friend or a card or a book.  So simple, even old,  yet so true..... if we will only look at the positives............

Always Have a Dream
(Amanda Bradley)

Forget about the day when it's been cloudy,
But don't forget your hour in the sun;
Forget about the times you've been defeated,
But don't forget the victories you've won;
Forget about mistakes that you can't change now,
But don't forget the lessons that you've learned....
Forget about misfortunes you've encountered,
But don't forget the times your luck has turned;
Forget about the days when you've been lonely,
But don't forget the smiles you've seen;
Forget about the plans that didn't seem to work out right
But don't forget to.... 
Always have a dream!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

A woman asked me if she could please take my seat.  I was wondering because she was already seated on the other side of the wheelchair.  When I looked again, I was surprised to see a man, not more than a teenager, slumped in a wheelchair with his head tilted toward where I was seated. So I scooted.  I  noticed also that several others stopped by to greet them before proceeding to their own seats.  Since the mass has not started, I turned  and wondered at what I saw:  "Was he born like this?"  I turned again and thought: " Or, maybe,  he met an accident."
 My thoughts were on that pathetic boy/man.   I even thought of my own "men"!  What if........ 
Insurance even crossed my mind - do they have one?  - when the organ played.  The mass had begun.
I was still curious to know what happened to him.  My prayers went out to him and his family.  After the homily, the priest mentioned that  Carlos, the man in the wheelchair,  has been in the hospital for so many months and this is the first time he is brought back to the church by his family.  Why, what happened to him?  
To ease my curiosity I asked the man seated close to me, since he seemed to be a family friend. I learned that he fell while fixing a  roof.  He fell to the  cemented floor where his head was terribly hurt, almost smashed. It all happened at his workplace. 
The saddest part... he is only 19!  
After the mass, I went to him, placed my hand on his chest and wished him Happy Easter.  Although I didn't get an answer I knew he is thankful he is alive and on to full recovery.  His dad, who stood  behind him all throughout the mass, smiled and thanked me. And so did his mom.

Then I started looking for hubby who had been wandering at the lobby wondering where I must have been.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Things I Can Do Without.... now....

...........I always liked a well lit home  so I don't hang curtains. The first thing I do in the morning is to slide the blinds open so that the light will come in.  Now that it is only hubby and me in the house, having no curtains is a big plus.  There is no danger of me slipping from the ladder or chair because  there is nothing to put down.  I will have nothing to wash regularly so I will now save on energy, soap and water, and most of all there is nothing to fold! lol...
............I have no coffee table in front of my sofa because I prefer space especially when the kids are around.
 I want to see them run their trains or cars around with no hindrance.  And I have one less figurine  to wipe.
............I don't even have an area rug or carpet.  Before, I used to trip when my feet happened to go under it. Now I don't have to worry about pulling one so I could  vacuum  away the dust and sand  that accumulate underneath.
............I have learned to let go of most of my horse collection.  I simply don't have the patience to dust each figurine one by one and most of all taking and placing them back on the shelves and counters!  But once in a while I take one out, put one in.
............I tucked away those heavy pots and pans.  I would not want to jeopardize my bones... arms and hips... if you know what I am driving after all, there is just the two of us to cook for.
............I let go of those ten-year-old magazines. What's this computer for... besides they are only collecting dust and using space.  And I haven't opened their pages for that long, too!

These are just a few.  My project of letting go of things is still a long way to go.  My aim is to make  living in our home easier and safer for me and hubby.