Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

A woman asked me if she could please take my seat.  I was wondering because she was already seated on the other side of the wheelchair.  When I looked again, I was surprised to see a man, not more than a teenager, slumped in a wheelchair with his head tilted toward where I was seated. So I scooted.  I  noticed also that several others stopped by to greet them before proceeding to their own seats.  Since the mass has not started, I turned  and wondered at what I saw:  "Was he born like this?"  I turned again and thought: " Or, maybe,  he met an accident."
 My thoughts were on that pathetic boy/man.   I even thought of my own "men"!  What if........ 
Insurance even crossed my mind - do they have one?  - when the organ played.  The mass had begun.
I was still curious to know what happened to him.  My prayers went out to him and his family.  After the homily, the priest mentioned that  Carlos, the man in the wheelchair,  has been in the hospital for so many months and this is the first time he is brought back to the church by his family.  Why, what happened to him?  
To ease my curiosity I asked the man seated close to me, since he seemed to be a family friend. I learned that he fell while fixing a  roof.  He fell to the  cemented floor where his head was terribly hurt, almost smashed. It all happened at his workplace. 
The saddest part... he is only 19!  
After the mass, I went to him, placed my hand on his chest and wished him Happy Easter.  Although I didn't get an answer I knew he is thankful he is alive and on to full recovery.  His dad, who stood  behind him all throughout the mass, smiled and thanked me. And so did his mom.

Then I started looking for hubby who had been wandering at the lobby wondering where I must have been.

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