Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sea of Faces wave-ing

Oh, what a day! Ed and I woke up to sore throat, head ache and muscle pain which means we couldn't visit Matthew and take Jacob to his school. Took flu pills. But, the sea of faces kept wave-ing at me and while I was at it I forgot I was sick. There was this prayer from Claudia Snowden which I think is very me; Tanya made me long for my beloved Pinas and Jason made me feel safe with my computer-ing. Jamie Oliver (yes, the chef is there, too!) inspired me to look forward to my second semester at GHS! I'll make copies of his bio. I think it will give my students something to think about- about their tomorrows. I also was able to leave a message for Nancze. Hope she gets it.

Thanks again, Rachel!

Today I learned how to link. My teacher? Rachel ! And she is thousands and thousands of miles away!!! This is the fruit of her labor!!! Thanks, Rachel.

Monday, January 29, 2007

My Monday Reads

As I was reading Allergic Mom 's blog I was thinking of my grandson, Jacob, who has some allergies too. He cannot wear anything unless the material is of 100% cotton or he'll develop rashes; peanuts and seafoods do the same to him, too. Aquaphor is a constant companion for him. I think I will let Mylynn read AllergicMom's posts, too. I have to visit Jesse Skinner (The Future of the Web) again so I will understand computer terms better and proceed to his mom's site Victoriana Quilt Designs.

How'd They Do That?

I randomly picked from my sea of faces and each time was amazed at how each page had been created. Next time, I will have a piece of paper and a pen by my keyboard so I can write the names/addresses of those I want to acknowledge. Copying and pasting is not my favorite thing to do and I still have to memorize the steps to linking. Oh, how I miss my sons!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Randoms

I slept too late and woke up too early. Could it be the excitement in seeing my face among the 2000 bloggers? I planned on putting our computer room in order but the sea of soon to be 2000 faces kept beckoning at me. I found it interesting that when I arrowed back to the home page the page started so white with just one face - one face gliding/jumping around, then the rest of the faces started to fill up the bottom and top of the page, first slowly and then with such intensity until I lost that one face! After reading Michael Parekh's post, my dilemma now is should I or should I not buy a new computer with Vista feature? Or should I wait till after the wars in the world are settled?!? Then I thought of Nancze's site and I am now convinced that my pages are so dull! The piles of unwanted papers are still all over the floor, the dust covering the shelves is still thick...... Oh, well............ I still have 4 weeks to do it! 10 minutes later I went back to see the sea. I used the mathematical skill my high school teacher taught me and I found that I am number 962!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A face among two thousand

The Blogger Links Benefactor - I Link To Blogs For Free: 2000 Bloggers A face among two thousand? Not bad, not bad at all. Thank you, Tino Buntic, for creating this project. And, I must add - I thank Rachel (Heart of Rachel), too, for leading me to the 2000 Bloggers site. While waiting for my photo to show I started browsing through the interesting faces and their doubly interesting sites. To each, his own. Thanks to you, 1999! Hooray, Tino!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Birthday Cakes

I love birthdays! Doesn't matter if it is mine or somebody else's. This year I had 2 cakes - a chocolate layer cake with butter roses and a vanilla chiffon cake filled with fruits. One is from my sons and the other is from my balaes, the Yaos. UHHHHMMMMM!!! YYYUUUUUMMMMMYYYYYYYY!! Want a slice?

The many faces of Jacob & Joshua

Matthew : his first visit

Yesterday was a very special day - it was my birthday, and can you guess the best gift a grandma could ever receive? A first visit from a grandson!!! Yes, we were all surprised when Sarah and Jet showed up with little Matthew. Sayang, Lolo was at work (Tita Rachelle, too)..... But his Tito Lester, Tito Patrick, Tita Mylynn, cousins Jacob and Joshua were around to welcome him. He is now 25 days old. How time flies. As long as he is full he doesn't give a hoot about anything else. Good boy! I can see Jet and Sarah in his face - truly his parents' son. I wish you all the best in your life, our dearest MATTHEW DAVID!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Successs, success, success!!!

I don't know how I did it but I did it! I was able to share my slide show without the extras showing. I didn't use the Copy/Paste method, instead I hit Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V buttons, and voila!!! you can enjoy the show without hitting any extra nob. One of my high school classmates just sent me an e-mail with this paragraph and it surely hits me on the head! "That which we persist in doing becomes easier- not that the nature of the task has changed but our ability to do has increased." Ralph Walso Emerson

My Three Grandsons

Friday, January 05, 2007

Matthew David Yao Parungao

This is Matthew David Yao Parungao, the latest addition to the Parungao clan of Chino/Chino Hills, Claremont/Fontana area. He was supposed to come on the 6th but instead decided to make a big bang on New Year's Day at exactly 8:06 am!!! What a great gift! He is our third grandchild and he adds excitement to our lives as much as the first two, Jacob and Joshua. We are praying hard that we will be blessed with one more, from Lester and Rachelle this time, before this year ends! Everytime a new baby arrives, my thoughts automatically transport me to those days when his own dad and uncles were born - the excitement, the sleepless nights, the diapers on the laundry line, the constant formula mixing, the first tooth, giggle, step, fall, haircut, pair of denims (oh, yeah, that was an event back then!), those measles and cold times .......... And suddenly, my thoughts would jump to the days when they, one by one, brought in their favorite girls, and left home, pair by pair......................................