Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sea of Faces wave-ing

Oh, what a day! Ed and I woke up to sore throat, head ache and muscle pain which means we couldn't visit Matthew and take Jacob to his school. Took flu pills. But, the sea of faces kept wave-ing at me and while I was at it I forgot I was sick. There was this prayer from Claudia Snowden which I think is very me; Tanya made me long for my beloved Pinas and Jason made me feel safe with my computer-ing. Jamie Oliver (yes, the chef is there, too!) inspired me to look forward to my second semester at GHS! I'll make copies of his bio. I think it will give my students something to think about- about their tomorrows. I also was able to leave a message for Nancze. Hope she gets it.

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Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear that you and Tito Ed are feeling a bit under the weather.

It put a smile on my face when you said that you somehow forgot you were sick when you were blog hopping. It's fascinating what the blogosphere can do.

I didn't know that Jaime Oliver was among 2000 Bloggers. Jules loves watching his shows on TV. I wanted to buy one of his books as a Christmas gift for Jules but it was a bit expensive even on sale so I settled on something else. Now, I can just check his website for cool recipes. Thanks for sharing his link.

Hope you and Tito Ed will feel better soon. Take care!