Friday, January 05, 2007

Matthew David Yao Parungao

This is Matthew David Yao Parungao, the latest addition to the Parungao clan of Chino/Chino Hills, Claremont/Fontana area. He was supposed to come on the 6th but instead decided to make a big bang on New Year's Day at exactly 8:06 am!!! What a great gift! He is our third grandchild and he adds excitement to our lives as much as the first two, Jacob and Joshua. We are praying hard that we will be blessed with one more, from Lester and Rachelle this time, before this year ends! Everytime a new baby arrives, my thoughts automatically transport me to those days when his own dad and uncles were born - the excitement, the sleepless nights, the diapers on the laundry line, the constant formula mixing, the first tooth, giggle, step, fall, haircut, pair of denims (oh, yeah, that was an event back then!), those measles and cold times .......... And suddenly, my thoughts would jump to the days when they, one by one, brought in their favorite girls, and left home, pair by pair......................................

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Heart of Rachel said...

Welcome Matthew David!

It's always heartwarming to welcome a new baby into the family. I still remember when Yohan came into the world. Everyone welcomed him with open arms. I will always cherish that special day and each day I spend with him.

I wish lil' Matthew the best of health. God bless.