Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Randoms

I slept too late and woke up too early. Could it be the excitement in seeing my face among the 2000 bloggers? I planned on putting our computer room in order but the sea of soon to be 2000 faces kept beckoning at me. I found it interesting that when I arrowed back to the home page the page started so white with just one face - one face gliding/jumping around, then the rest of the faces started to fill up the bottom and top of the page, first slowly and then with such intensity until I lost that one face! After reading Michael Parekh's post, my dilemma now is should I or should I not buy a new computer with Vista feature? Or should I wait till after the wars in the world are settled?!? Then I thought of Nancze's site and I am now convinced that my pages are so dull! The piles of unwanted papers are still all over the floor, the dust covering the shelves is still thick...... Oh, well............ I still have 4 weeks to do it! 10 minutes later I went back to see the sea. I used the mathematical skill my high school teacher taught me and I found that I am number 962!


Heart of Rachel said...

I visited the site of 2000 bloggers and saw you there too. How wonderful!

I never thought of checking out my number among the sea of faces until I read your post. Inspired, I went to check and found out I'm 512. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi. I just visited Nancze earlier and she mentioned you on her blog. You might want to check out her post. :)