Saturday, January 27, 2007

A face among two thousand

The Blogger Links Benefactor - I Link To Blogs For Free: 2000 Bloggers A face among two thousand? Not bad, not bad at all. Thank you, Tino Buntic, for creating this project. And, I must add - I thank Rachel (Heart of Rachel), too, for leading me to the 2000 Bloggers site. While waiting for my photo to show I started browsing through the interesting faces and their doubly interesting sites. To each, his own. Thanks to you, 1999! Hooray, Tino!!!

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Heart of Rachel said...

How nice that you're now also a part of 2000 Bloggers. It's an amazing project and I'm impressed how Tino came up with such a great concept.

I had one visitor on my blog saying she saw me at 2000 bloggers and decided to drop by. I realize it's a fun way of meeting new people too.