Saturday, September 27, 2008

The New Rich

The phrase "rags to riches" is a tag that is being attached to more and more people, nowadays, all over the world. They are the Nouveau Riche per wikipedia definition.
For almost two decades now, this Nouveau Riche group have been hugging the limelight of the media for the very reason that articles about them give hope to "the poor" or those who are still dreaming of their first millions.
Most of these new rich were not born rich. They were ordinary students, or employees, or even school drop-outs. But they all have these things in common: a curious mind, a never ending satiety for success, an entrepreneural ingenuity and luck.
Because of these qualities, the new rich are able to make sophistication, and eventually, millions, out of very ordinary things: be it extracting gas from beans, or natural oils from fruits or herbs, or changing the design of a tire, or reducing the cost of an item by 1 cent.
One of my favorite Nouveau Riche is Mr. Bill Gates, the billionaire behind Microsoft. He started young. He was a mere college student (and dropped out before he finished his degree). But he never gave up. He pursued his dreams to the very end. And the one good thing I admired about him is he doesn't keep his good fortune to himself. He genuinely shares it with the world, especially the needy, the poor, the young, those most in need of his talents and riches.
Hooray to the Nouveau Riche!


First, Patrick and Mylynn. They assured me everything will be OK. Pray and our prayers will be answered and that HE has everything planned for us. Then, Sarah, Matt and Dan. When did I know about it? Could it be reversed? Can he still work? Last Tuesday, no and yes. Matthew gave his almost 2-year-old act while Daniel had his dinner as I cuddled him in my arms. They helped me pull away from my thoughts.
When I heard the knocks by 10:30, I knew those would be from Lester and Rachelle. Upon knowing of what's ahead for all of us in the family, they started asking about the whys and wherefores of things. Then at fifteen past midnight, Jet came greeting me saying he heard everything from Sarah. Again he asked if it could be reversed. I told him no, only to slow it down.
Everyone took my "speech" in stride and I sensed their concerns. Before they left, this was all I asked from each of my children: "Please be around".
And my eyes were dry again.

Friday, September 26, 2008

May Smoothness Surround You

Do you want to look younger by lessening those lines on your face? Or, are you being bothered by acne that may contribute to those lines as you get older? If your answer is yes to either or both questions, worry no more.
There is a new product, which has been used in Europe for years, that is now being introduced here in the United States. The product, acnexus, claims of using only unique natural ingredients, all 27 of them, some of which are alfalfa, oatmeal, green tea and Clary sage. There are no mineral oils, nor soaps (which can dry your skin) in the product - only natural oils from lavender, juniper, and chamomile, just to name a few.
Looking through the ingredients that go into this product reminds and makes me feel like Cleopatra - relaxing with those sweet fragrances in the oils engulfing me.
Reading through the site convinces me that this is a viable acne-scrub, wrinkle reducing product because I believe that one can never go wrong with anything natural.


When he hugged me and said he had something to tell me, I knew whatever he would say was not very good.
The change was so sudden it caught me off guard. First he doesn't cook as he used to, anymore. One of our sons requested him to cook for our grandson's birthday but although he didn't say no, he told me to just buy from the restaurant that sells food-to-go. Which was so unusual considering that he didn't like store-bought dishes. He loved cooking for his sons and grandsons. Then I noticed he was starting to appear sluggish and would fall asleep at any time of the day. Every time I ask him if he's OK, he will just smile and assure me he is.
And then, two nights ago.
I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to react. I simply hoped it won't be too soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vane of Vanity

Vanities can boost or bust the vanity of a home buyer or a home owner.
Next to location, furniture can easily make or unmake a home, and that includes furniture (oh, yes, bathrooms need those, too) that one places in the bathroom. It does not matter whether one has a bathroom the size of a living room or a closet. What matters is the quality of the furniture one puts in it.
When we were looking for a house, we came upon a very simple looking cottage. Very unassuming on the outside but once we got inside, wow, we were transported to a whole new place. All the furniture, from sofa to the high chair (because the owner had a toddler at the time), were very well matched, adding quality and zest to an otherwise very flat looking house. And they didn't forget the bathrooms, either. The linen cabinet was simple yet very elegant looking - something that homeowners often overlook, me including. For why bother furnishing a room that you practically just go in and out of in a huff, right? But that shouldn't be the case, I now believe.
The agent, a cousin to the owner, even took us in into one of her cousins' secrets: she took time to look for discount furniture including discount bathroom vanity cabinets, until she found the best deal.
That was years ago. I am reminded of this episode because of a site I came upon - It offers great choices on discount double bath vanity, if your bathroom has a place for it and you don't want your partner to beat you to the sink early in the morning. Or maybe a discount single bath vanity is more to your liking so you can have more space for another cabinet.
One other good thing about this site, in addition to a wide selection of designs and styles, are the tips on how to organize cabinets and/or bathrooms.
On top of everything, it is a computer-user-friendly site.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Surprise, surprise

Today, my heart skipped a beat.
I was busy helping a student with her paperwork when another student slowly whispered to me that our new principal just walked in. I felt all my hair stood up! That was a standard reaction of mine. I just feel hot and cold at the same time whenever I am surprised - be it by a friend, a principal or a stranger.
I took a deep breath, walked to a table to talk to another student and got ready to greet him when lo and behold - he was gone!

Furnish with Class

Every time I visit one of my goddaughters I am always amazed at how she keeps her home in shape and in style. Her choice of colors and how she puts them together are just so beautiful and classy. Her living room tables speak of quality - from the shape to the nobs to the "scratches" on the edges. They look costly and yet when I alluded to it she strongly shook her head and I was totally surprised when she whispered how much it actually cost her!
Her kitchen and dining rooms are no different. Even though the dining room is almost part of the living room the transition is smoothly saved by her dining room cabinets. What she did was filling up her China cabinet with items that compliment her living room accessories be it through commonality in materials, colors, shapes or texture.
But what blew my mind away is her sideboard that she uses as a credenza. she said she got it as part of a set of discount sideboards. Please don't be misled by the adjective. Being discounted is the last thing you will relate it too. It looks like it was delivered from the millionaires' row.
How can she be so lucky?
Maybe she got her furniture from

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Blog Will Be Taking Intermittent Breaks

(Or should it be "taking breaks intermittently"?)
Because of work, I may not be able to post on a regular basis. When I pay you surprise visits, will you still open your doors to me?

The Nominee

Heart of Rachel of My Soulful Thoughts has been nominated to The Philippine Blog Awards 2 for its Blogger's Choice Awards.

I am very happy that she got the well deserved nomination. Visit her blog and you will know why. If you are a mother, you will love it. If you are a sister or a brother, you will love it, too. If you are a grandma like me, you will always come back to it. Just look at her site's statistics and you will agree with me that she is well loved in the four corners of the globe. (OOOOPPS, I forgot that the globe is round.)

Every time I visit her, which is almost every day, I feel her love, her open heart, her sincerity in her posts. Her articles are unpretentious, pure, simple; never intimidating and yet informational, educational and loving.
I am inviting everyone who is eligible to cast a vote to do so for Rachel: the Filipina blogger who shares her heart every time she opens her soulful thoughts to the blogosphere.

The Philippine Blog Awards 2 is sponsored by the following:
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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Joshua Turned 3 with a Splash!!!

My DIL, Mylynn, cruised through the internet looking for a venue for her 2nd son's third birthday party. She came upon the City of El Monte with an Aquatic Center run by the city's Community Services Department, that opens its facilities for training as well as for rent to groups who would like to celebrate an event.
My son and my DIL examined the facility before handing out their invitations to an indoor swimming party for Joshua, our third grandson.
It was a very happy, exciting, successful birthday party.
And with the current weather, nothing could be more perfect!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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