Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vane of Vanity

Vanities can boost or bust the vanity of a home buyer or a home owner.
Next to location, furniture can easily make or unmake a home, and that includes furniture (oh, yes, bathrooms need those, too) that one places in the bathroom. It does not matter whether one has a bathroom the size of a living room or a closet. What matters is the quality of the furniture one puts in it.
When we were looking for a house, we came upon a very simple looking cottage. Very unassuming on the outside but once we got inside, wow, we were transported to a whole new place. All the furniture, from sofa to the high chair (because the owner had a toddler at the time), were very well matched, adding quality and zest to an otherwise very flat looking house. And they didn't forget the bathrooms, either. The linen cabinet was simple yet very elegant looking - something that homeowners often overlook, me including. For why bother furnishing a room that you practically just go in and out of in a huff, right? But that shouldn't be the case, I now believe.
The agent, a cousin to the owner, even took us in into one of her cousins' secrets: she took time to look for discount furniture including discount bathroom vanity cabinets, until she found the best deal.
That was years ago. I am reminded of this episode because of a site I came upon - It offers great choices on discount double bath vanity, if your bathroom has a place for it and you don't want your partner to beat you to the sink early in the morning. Or maybe a discount single bath vanity is more to your liking so you can have more space for another cabinet.
One other good thing about this site, in addition to a wide selection of designs and styles, are the tips on how to organize cabinets and/or bathrooms.
On top of everything, it is a computer-user-friendly site.

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