Monday, September 22, 2008

Furnish with Class

Every time I visit one of my goddaughters I am always amazed at how she keeps her home in shape and in style. Her choice of colors and how she puts them together are just so beautiful and classy. Her living room tables speak of quality - from the shape to the nobs to the "scratches" on the edges. They look costly and yet when I alluded to it she strongly shook her head and I was totally surprised when she whispered how much it actually cost her!
Her kitchen and dining rooms are no different. Even though the dining room is almost part of the living room the transition is smoothly saved by her dining room cabinets. What she did was filling up her China cabinet with items that compliment her living room accessories be it through commonality in materials, colors, shapes or texture.
But what blew my mind away is her sideboard that she uses as a credenza. she said she got it as part of a set of discount sideboards. Please don't be misled by the adjective. Being discounted is the last thing you will relate it too. It looks like it was delivered from the millionaires' row.
How can she be so lucky?
Maybe she got her furniture from

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