Friday, September 26, 2008

May Smoothness Surround You

Do you want to look younger by lessening those lines on your face? Or, are you being bothered by acne that may contribute to those lines as you get older? If your answer is yes to either or both questions, worry no more.
There is a new product, which has been used in Europe for years, that is now being introduced here in the United States. The product, acnexus, claims of using only unique natural ingredients, all 27 of them, some of which are alfalfa, oatmeal, green tea and Clary sage. There are no mineral oils, nor soaps (which can dry your skin) in the product - only natural oils from lavender, juniper, and chamomile, just to name a few.
Looking through the ingredients that go into this product reminds and makes me feel like Cleopatra - relaxing with those sweet fragrances in the oils engulfing me.
Reading through the site convinces me that this is a viable acne-scrub, wrinkle reducing product because I believe that one can never go wrong with anything natural.

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