Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh, What a Day !!!

Yesterday, I wasn't in the mood to clean up and so today, I woke up to a sinkful of unwashed glasses, dishes and pots !!! (As a morning person, I want to sleep early and wake up early). Before Ed arrived I made sure that the kitchen was spic and span, that I had my shower and the breakfast was ready. As we were having breakfast, the phone rang. It was Patrick. I had to take Jacob to school and attend a 1 1/2 hour-meeting for parents. On top of that, because he would have a date with Lester, I had to pick Jacob from school, too. OK, the meeting was over and I was ready to go home. I turned on the key but the car wouldn't start! I tried again - nothing. Again, still nothing. I was starting to panic so I called Ed and in his sleepy voice told me to turn something in the car. I couldn't understand him so I just told him, it's OK, maybe later it will just start by itself (what a wish!). After I hang up the phone I remembered I had an AAA card so I called. As the man from AAA was coming, so was ED!!! Since it was almost time for Jacob to go home I decided to just wait for him while Ed took my car to the shop for a much needed tuning-up. But Jacob didn't want to go home without seeing his Lolo first so the two of us picked Ed from the shop, then all three of us proceeded to Claremont. Is that Murphy's Law, or what!! Oh, I forgot to tell you, when the AAA guy came, he took my membership card, borrowed my key, went into my car, turned on the key and voila! the engine roared!!!


Nancze said...

Hi Princess, Glad your car just needed a tune up. I did get your message and thank you! I hope I am able to leave you one. That would be great. I'll be by again. So nice to meet you! ~hugs~

Heart of Rachel said...

How nice that you're a morning person. I wish I could be one but I always sleep late and tend to wake up late too. Actually, I wake up depending on what time Yohan wakes up. Sometimes when I wake up ahead of him, like now, it gives me a little time to check my blog and visit a few of my favorite ones.

Glad the car turned out okay after all.

Have a wonderful and stress-free week ahead of you.