Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Over already ???

Because I'll return to work tomorrow, and also because Ed has his day off, I decided I should end my vacation with a movie. Taking a cue from Rachel, we went to see "Music and Lyrics". We both enjoyed it. We agreed that one remembers songs longer when the lyrics are easy to understand, and the melodies have that easy, relaxing flow. We also concluded that a fusion of the old and the new is possible for a great result. Another thing we agreed upon today - buying the movie soundtrack!!


sexy mom said...

welcome to pinoy moms network! i am scheduled to watch "music and lyrics" this weekend. my 23-yr old daughter has been nagging me to watch it, not only because i like hugh grant, but because it is a wholesome and fun movie.

Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie with Tito Ed. We'll probably get a dvd as soon as it's available so Jules and I can have a chance to watch it together at home.

A soundtrack, that's nice. I love the 80s and I'm sure it has a great selection of good music.

Good luck on your first day back at work. Hope you'll have a good start tomorrow. Does that mean you'll have less time blogging? I'll certainly miss your visits.

Take care!