Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good Manners and Right Conduct

I don't watch The Oprah Show regularly but whenever I do I turn off the TV enlightened, informed and sometimes even forgiving. Today the topic was on resilience and the one that really left an impact on me was that of a man who grew up very poor, was unschooled, got drawn into the mess of drugs, caught and imprisoned when he was all of 15 years! What was so amazing about his life story was what he did to get up from where he stumbled. While he was in prison he honed up his culinary skills while working in the prison kitchen for which he received kudos not only from his fellow inmates but from his superiors as well. Those praises buoyed up his self esteem so when he got out of prison he used the same skills, plus more, to climb the corporate ladder. Today he is an Executive Chef of a restaurant in one of the top 3 major hotels in Las Vegas. How he did it? He taught himself good manners and right conduct!


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing that amazing story. It's always inspiring to hear about people who triumph in life despite the countless falls they have experienced.

Thanks for visiting my photo hunt earlier. I've never tried salted eggs with pandesal or crackers before. Interesting! I'll try that one of these days.

Take care!

Grammie said...

Hi Princess...I am new to your blog but wanted you to know that I enjoyed my visit.

I, too, am inspired by Oprah! Her special on the school for girls that she opened in S. Africa is incredibly moving. I had tears through most of it. Did you see it? I think that they are showing it again tonight. If you can, catch will be worth your time.

I'll visit again soon!
Take care,

Isa said...

Hi..pinoy mom led me to you... thanks for sharing this one.. life is how we make it. A matter of choice... =) good one.

sexy mom said...

and who would think that former inmates could rise up after their fall...sometimes much better than those who are free. thanks to you for sharing, sometimes i am not able to watch all of oprah's shows, and thanks to oprah for showing the best in people. i remember having read somewhere--oprah for president, why not?