Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Monday

I was driving to work this morning deep in thought of what a dragging Monday it would be, when joltingly my attention was caught by what the announcer in my favorite morning station was saying to his co-announcer:
"Listen to this. An 88-year-old teacher, she teaches English at the Palisades, is now the oldest in the Los Angeles school district. Her enthusiasm for her work is known by everyone in her school. She even wore a red helmet during her lesson about fire brigades to fire up (announcer laughing) her students' enthusiasm........."
I didn't catch the rest of what the announcer was saying because I suddenly felt guilty that here I am, much younger than she is, and complaining about Monday just because I lost one hour of sleep! I got so pepped up that this had been the best Monday I've had with my students yet.


Heart of Rachel said...

Amazing what a little inspiration can do.

Happy Monday to you! Hope the rest of the week will be twice as wonderful.

Take care!

DellaB said...

Hi princess - I am SO glad you visited and left me a comment. I have really enjoyed visiting you back and am looking forward to keeping in touch and getting to know you.

Looks like you've got some great new links for me to explore too - I am intrigued by the 'sea of faces'

I like the way blogs are different - some go to a lot of trouble and have wonderful bright and colourful things to look at, others focus on content, it's great that there are differences, and lots of fun playing with different things, well done with your slide show...

Oh, and your 'babies' are SO beautiful, lucky lucky granny that you are!