Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Poems ......

I have to walk to my kitchen
I'm thinking of cooking a chicken
Or what if I bake
A beautiful cake.
I need to take out flour, eggs, milk, sugar and butter
But first I have to verify with my father
Before I start I wash my hands
Then I take out all the pans
I get the ingredients, first I measure
Oh, my what a pleasure
I start to mix, it's the easiest part
Wait a minute, has someone spiced a tart?
I'm ready to put in the oven my cake
I'm so happy it is finally going to bake
I hold the pan really steady
I'm just hoping it will soon be ready
The time is finally up
I poured some milk in a cup
I get an oven mitt
Take out the cake and let it sit
I cut the cake
And put it in a basket
To take it to eat
By the lake.
-- Jennifer L. --
The smell of warm tortillas captures my attention
I walk toward the kitchen in suspension
I walk in as my eyes open wide from all the utensils
I ask my grandmother if she needs an assistant cook
She replies yes as her head shook
I pick up a rolling pin
And I roll the dough thin
I make sure the board is floured
So the dough wouldn't stick
Everything is in mise en place
Soon the family will applause
The dough
Is ready to go
The oven is preheated and the pan is greased
I stand to the side of the oven
So I won't get burned , Then I open
i use an oven mitt
So the heat won't hit
I close the oven, and watch the time
So the tortillas will all be mine
It's time to make sure the cooling rack is clean
Because soon it will be in use
So my tortillas don't burn
I sanitize the plate that I will place the tortillas on
Then I turn off the oven
A traditional Mexican cuisine
tortillas, rice, and beans
boil the rice
until it cooks nice
and season and stir in with a wooden spoon
boil the beans
until they look brown and lean
prepare the table, clean the plates, spoons and forks
or maybe will use sporks!
Use proper etiquette
Use the napkin when you sneeze
ask to be excused when you leave.
The end.......... Melanie


Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Princess

More great poems... I'm suddently very hungry. :)


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these nice poems. Like Yvonne, I think I'm also getting hungry. I better get ready for my lunch date. Take care!

Nancze said...

Hi Princess, you have some very talented students. I went back and read the other's too. I had to laugh at the Cartoons. What a hoot! I thing that is me. lol. You sound like an awesome teacher. I could use some cooking lessons. It's a chore for me to cook most of the time. Well honestly I like cooking, but so dislike the mess it makes. Have a great day! ~hugs~

Princess said...

Hi, Yvonne, Rachel and Nancze,
Thanks for your visits and for your uplifting words.
Would you like my students to prepare you anything?