Friday, March 16, 2007

Sing or recite your food

Writing is one activity that my students like the least, so try to imagine their reactions when they saw on the agenda board that they were to compose either a poem, a song or a story and that they have to use, primarily, words that are included in their vocabulary lists. In between their grumblings are the following results:
Food Poem Food is delicious, enjoy it Then wash the dishes.

First do the mise en place before youbegin to cook in class.

Keep the veggies far from meat For a safer meal to eat.

Careful not to burn yourself

and put ingredients back in their shelf.

Wear gloves when you open the oven
All you need is food for some lovin'
Do you want soup or cookies or pie?
I can make it just give me the time.
I love cooking in the kitchen
Gimme an apron, chicken's sizzling!
by: Sandra
Food Poem (how they came with the same title, I don't know)
pastry, pastry, bread and wine,
I cook and then watch people dine.
pastry, pastry, bread and wine
what I cook is truly divine.
breakfast, breakfast, toast and cheese
that pepper makes me want to sneeze
breakfast, breakfast, toast and cheese
pass that jam over here now please.
apples, cherries, grapes and juice
such great treats after a snooze
apples, cherries, grapes and juice
in the kitchen i'm an animal turned loose.
I love to cook I love to create
oh, you'll just love my chocolate cake.
mix blend pour and bake
that is how i make a cake
cut dice slice and saute
that's my style of cooking today
mince and chop for mirepoix
I keep my spice rack always full ahh.

By: Sylvester

(more to come)


Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Princess

They've done a great job... and now they're published too! Keep spreading the writing bug. :)

All the best


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these cute poems. I love reading children's compositions. They are often amuzing. I just love the way they express themselves.