Friday, March 23, 2007

SERGIO's dream!!!

He looked so dapper in his JROTC uniform as he strutted towards my desk to drop some ingredients he and his group would use to prepare a recipe. There was not a single wrinkle or a misplaced crease on his shirt that holds all the pins and medals he had earned. His pants dropped perfectly from his waistline that was held by a belt locked with a buckle that shone like a 24-carat gold. His hair? - every strand was in place. He looked so commanding even with his smiling face. I asked if I could take his picture to post in my blog and, almost shyly he said: "Oh, yes, Ms.!" Curiousity hit me so I inquired how he got into the program. "I had a friend who needed to recruit someone so he could earn his badge and I wanted to help him." I couldn't help but smile at his remark . "Do you like it?" "Well, Ms., at first I didn't but as I got deeper into the activities I learned to like being there very much." "And afterwards?" I asked again. "I plan to go into the Army and be an officer." I patted his shoulder and assured him: "That's nice, SERGIO! Good luck! See you in 5th period!" "Thanks, Ms." Ahhh, another youth and his dream!!!


DellaB said...

Hi Princess.

1. Thank you for the blog caroons link.

2. Fun poems!

3. parsley to dry powder? that's heavy... my daughter is head chef at a fancy-pants restaurant, and she always amazes me with her skill at doing things, and SO quickly...

4. Sergio IS beautiful, more power to him!

Oh, and thanks for leaving me good wishes on my 1st Blogiversary post, very much appreciated.

Heart of Rachel said...

Good luck to Sergio. What a noble dream.

Sergio Moreno said...

Thank you for portraying my dream in such an enthsiastic tone. You are my favorite teacher. We miss Madahi in our table T.T

Sergio Moreno said...

Thanks for portraying my dream with such enthusiasm. You are now my favorite teacher. We miss Madahi in our table T.T !