Saturday, March 31, 2007

Seven Songs - Seven Moments in Time - Create custom images Rachel of Heart of Rachel tagged me to name the seven songs I am currently listening to and then I am to tag 7 more. Here goes: 1. White Christmas (Bing Crosby) holds my childhood and my memories of the excitement reading brings. I saw this tiny book that my cousins used to keep in their pockets. It said on the cover: SONG HITS. One day they just left it on a table. I gingerly peeked at the pages and saw the lyrics to White Christmas. I didn't know the tune so I memorized it as a poem. I guess I should say I rapped it (grin). 2. Dream, Dream, Dream (Everly Brothers) always reminds me of my second son, Patrick, when he was almost four. We were still in Nigeria then. Every morning for almost a month, that would be the first song he would ask his dad or me to play on our boom box. He even added his own lyrics to the song. I am sure now he sings it to his sons, Jacob and Joshua. 3. You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker) always puts a smile on my face. When Lester, our eldest son, was courting Rachelle, he didn't stop until he found the lyrics and singer to this song. I won't be surprised if he still sings it to her now, after almost 8 years of marriage. 4. Still the One (Shania Twain) is my youngest's theme song. Jonathan made a pact with Sarah's dad that if after five years they would still be a couple, her dad wouldn't object to their relationship anymore. On the fifth year this song was the hit. They thought the song so fitting to how they survived the test to their commitment to one another that they made it a point to sing it whenever it was karaoke time with his brothers. Last New Year's day, they were blessed with their own little cupid - Matthew David. 5. An Affair To Remember (Vic Damone) is a song that reminds me of my first puppy love and heart break. I was in high school. Ah, what sweet memory! By the way, I still watch the movie with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant and each time, I still cry at that scene when he found out why she couldn't meet him at the Empire Building. 6. Making Love To You (Perry Como) doesn't need any explanation (chuckle). How many of you have heard it? 7. Through the Years (Kenny Rogers) is one song that Ed kept rewinding the tape of until he memorized it! After all these years of being together, the song says it all! Sorry, Rachel, that I cannot tag anyone at this time. I've been trying since last night but I don't know what's happening to my computer. I couldn't link back nor could I leave comments on someone else's blog! I couldn't even publish my post at Pinoy Moms!! I'll try again tonight. Happy weekend!!! I'll try to e-mail the following friends so I can tell them that I am tagging them for the "7 Songs" Update: 7:17 pm (links working again) Rondah Gloria Analyse Grammie DellaB Andy (I know, I need to tag one more)


Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing your 7 songs. I like how you called it seven moments in time. I enjoyed reading the significance of each song.

Thank you for taking time to share the songs that have a special meaning in your life and that of your loved ones.

It's fascinating how some songs remind us of someone or particular events in our lives the moment we hear them playing.

Don't worry about the tag. It's okay.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend listening to these beautiful melodies.

Grammie said...

Hi Princess! Thanks for your comments and your visit.
I've never been "tagged" before...but I will be happy to do whatever I need to...Just let me know... : )
Thanks...and have a good evening!

Analyse said...

just did it. .. hmmm, white christmas, on april!