Thursday, March 22, 2007

Julie practices

Julie and Victor holding their practice fruit tarts
Julie, (shown with Victor at a recent training at Mission College) a senior in International Foods class, will give a culinary competition a shot this coming May. She will show her skills in proper handling of knives and accuracy in making several vegetable cuts like brunoise, julienne, batonette, different sizes of dices, tourne and slices. She will also mince parsley until it is in dry, powdery form, in front of no less than 6 judges. To showcase all these, she will have to prepare 2 plates of the pictured salad with vinaigrette dressing. But that's not all. She will also prepare a 3-egg French omelette with herbs. If she makes it, then she will go to the final competition with yet another set of dishes to prepare. But for now till the preliminaries, she needs to practice, practice, practice .......


Grammie said...

That looks like a piece of art....!

Can you please tell me where you posted the "ticker factory" item so that it stays at the top of your blog...above your post date?? I was trying to add one to my site, but I didn't know how to keep it up there. Thanks!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

Boo hoo! Blogger ate my earlier comment.

That's a lovely salad! I thought it was a cake at first glance.

I love fruit tarts. Yummy!

Good luck to Julie.

Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Princess

This is so cool. Can you share the secret for this recipe, and how the cucumber stays in place? I'd love to give it a try. It looks great.

I'm interested in trying some food photography, so I love knowing about the little presentation details, which make it so stylish.

Good luck to Julie.