Saturday, March 10, 2007

I was tagged ...

The last time I was tagged was when I was in my PE class so many, many, many years ago. My classmates and I were playing the "Drop the Handkerchief" game. All of us were standing in a circle, an arm's length apart, and facing towards the center. An IT student was selected and given the handkerchief. He or she would walk behind the students and discreetly drop the handkerchief behind a girl or a boy, usually one that the IT person has a crush on or a best friend, who now became the TAGGED. If the TAGGED would pick up the handkerchief before the IT reaches the TAGGED's space, the IT goes back to the circle and the TAGGED became the IT. The purpose of the game was to have everyone tagged. I remember this game because I was, surprisingly enough, tagged by Yvonne. The topic? AM I TALKING TO YOU? Let me try. Who do you see as the current (or future) audience for this blog? I see writers who are looking for new ideas, business people interested in new ventures, students who are frantically looking for topics for their term papers, people who enjoy reading quality blogs. Who are you and what draws you here? I am a grandmother to three adoring boys, a mom to three equally adoring sons and wife to a great guy who never complains about my quirks and mood swings. I teach young kids how to prepare and enjoy good food, and then I encourage them to use what they learned to pursue their dreams. I am drawn to your blog by the rich ideas that your posts feed my curious brain, which, if not fed enough, will just collapse unnoticed. Why do you come back to my blog? Because I know that I will read and find new things that will inspire me to write, just like what I am doing right now (on the side: I've retyped this twice because the edit function of the blog is acting up again - it wouldn't save or publish the second time. I hope it does with this one). Another thing, your blog is very generous in leading me from one great blog to another. What do you want to read here? As a neophyte in the field of blogging, I welcome anything that can and will make me think and write. What do you think is missing? Is there too much "fluff" and not enough "solid" information? For me, everything is just right. I find every post helpful and informational for my own need and purpose. I am still hungry. What is one thing you truly don't like about this blog? If getting excited to read the latest post can be counted, then that is it. What aspects can be improved, and how? What needs to be added, deleted or fine tuned? I don't see anything yet. Is the current focus too broad? What do you see as the preferred focus of this blog? I read each post independently. For me, the broader the better since every blogger or reader has his own interests. You give us the privilege of making a choice. Does the blog meet the title promise of "Grow Your Writing Business?" I think it does because it was able to make me answer a TAG! Thanks, Yvonne!


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Tita Prency. I love the refreshing look of your blog.

How nice that you were tagged too. I haven't started mine yet. I'll let you know when I'm done.

I have to get back at your answers. We're off to have lunch at Tita Tammi's place. :)

Take care! Enjoy the weekend!

Princess said...

Got bored with the other template. Besides, my eyes are not getting any sharper. That is really what I feel when I go to my blog - refreshed. Thanks.
Say Hi to the clan for me.

Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Princess

Wow! How generous of you to take space on your own blog to feature your responses and thoughts about my "Grow Your Writing Business" blog.

I really appreciate the thought and time that has gone into this. It is very valuable and useful feedback for me.

Thanks for your continued support. :)


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I'm done with mine. I decided to post it as a comment on Yvonne's blog so that I could share it with the rest.