Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Yesterday

Sunday morning. A rainy, cold Sunday morning. What to do? Oh yeah - the albums! When the pangs of emptiness hit me, my family albums fill me up. Do this also happen to those whose children have all left home? Does that "missing them" feeling hit them all of a sudden as it is hitting me hard now? Could it be the weather? Could it be that Ed worked last night and is now fast asleep? My albums. Oh, yes, those albums! I'm sure they will console me..... I remember very well. It was Christmas some twenty-plus years ago. We had to wait for the Christmas trees to go on sale so we could buy one, or rather, afford one! In fact, and I didn't know they remember, Mylynn told me that Patrick was so amused to remember that that Christmas tree had to undergo a minor surgery (a broken branch had to be re-attached, splint and all) so it could hold the ornaments until the holidays are over! I can still hear their happy voices and laughter as they played together with the toys they received that happy Christmas day twenty-plus years ago!

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Heart of Rachel said...

My photo albums are one of my greatest treasures in life. I love reminiscing about the old days and it always brings a smile to my face whenever I see those lovely photos.

Thanks for sharing one of your treasured moments.