Thursday, February 22, 2007

Daily Rhythms

Everything was fine. I pull up the blinds, turn on the light, push a button, wait for a few seconds and my computer is ready. Everyday for the last three years, that was the procedure that my brain had been programmed to do. Then something happened. I had to hit two extra buttons more!!! Not that I couldn't do it, I didn't want to do it! So my son did something to the computer so I could have the computer ready with 2 hits less. Fine. I was back to my old routine. Then I noticed I couldn't go to my log in page. I tried all possible moves that I could think of. Nothing happens! Then all of a sudden I must have hit something right because the log-in page was there. Eureka! I opened sites, read, commented and read some more with abandon. Then I turned off the computer, turned off the light, pulled down the blinds and went to bed. Today, I couldn't remember how I was able to go to the blogger log-in page again. Arrowed backward and forward, clicked on all buttons that I thought were relevant to my quest, but I still couldn't find the magic page. I can't post this today. Maybe tomorrow. I don't even know if I can save this as a draft! The rhythm was broken.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Tita Prency. I have similar days too when somehow, my usual routine is disrupted and things don't seem to work as finely as they used to. I guess we all have our share of those kind of days. Don't worry, they are usually fleeting and before you know it, the routine is back to its normal pace. :)

Anyway, here's the link to the blogger sign in page:

You can probably save it under your favorites so it will be easy to locate anytime.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Princess

LOL - I have those days too. I know enough about computers to get myself into trouble, but not enough to get myself out of trouble again.

Tomorrow is another day. :)

I appreciate you linking to me.

Many Thanks


Nancze said...

Hi Princess, oh my reading your post on your day made me cry. I miss my father so much I was very close to him growing up too. I am smiling at your routine. I have never had a set routine that didn't have a change somewhere in the process each time, so when something new comes along it usually doesn't upset me. I hope you get your rhythm back and you are content again. Lots of ~hugs~