Thursday, August 25, 2011

True Friendship Never Dies Nor Fades

I don't know if it was boredom that drove me to look for names on my FB header but that one afternoon one name kept popping up in my head. I thought:   'she might  be listed, or someone who may know her', when lo and behold, a face popped up that was unmistakably that of the little girl who used to play with my first little boy and with her was the very person I wanted to get in contact with!! !   Persevere and you will get your answers, I must have read that somewhere lol.  So I sent  a message including my phone numbers.  When I received a message back with a number, I hit the phone right away.  It was no denying it was she who was on the other end.... I could picture her smiling face and the gentle voice with that unique accent.  We started laughing as we reminisced about our yesterdays. We set a time to meet,  And we did!

Her 2nd girl (the face that took my attention) drove her and an aunt to our place. I would recognize her anywhere.  She's still as slender as the last time I saw her, which convinces me the more that I should follow a DIL's advise to cut on my carbs and sugars and change to brown rice (hahahah).  She still has that gentle chuckle as we looked at browned and faded photos. We talked about the years in between.  Oh, there were so many things we still wanted to talk about but the time was too short!
The highlight of our meeting was being reminded that I am a godparent to her 2nd daughter. Oh my, how could I forget!!!  I owe my goddaughter a lot and asked for her forgiveness.  I am grateful that she understood with a smile.  We have a lot of making up for lost time.  At least, we hurdled the first step - knowing where each other is lol.

And the girl who used to play with my little boy?  I still have to see her!

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