Sunday, November 01, 2009

To Milk or Not To Milk

I delivered three sons and I fed each of them baby formulas. I am an advocate for breast feeding even before I had my babies. Unfortunately, after three weeks of breast feeding, my glands couldn't support my desire to breast feed anymore, even how hard I tried, so I generously supported my babies with food nutrients from prepared formula milk. I never regretted doing so. They grew up healthy. Aside from occasional natural baby sickness (measles, teething fever, colds gotten from classmates) they never suffered from any severe illnesses. In fact they grew up so fast they now have their own babies to take care of.
Now I currently have four healthy grandsons and thir moms supplemented their food requirements with baby formula too. Milk formulas for babies are safe because their production is government or FDA regulated. The nutrients that go into each formula, whether it be for infants or toddlers, are meticulously tested by scientists and nutritionists before they are place on the market shelves. Different formulas for individual baby's needs are scientifically formulated, like having one specifically for lactose intolerant babies, or for babies who can not tolerate the high fat content of natural animal milk. A cousin of mine had a grandchild who developed hives after taking cow's milk. They discovered that soy milk is what could sustain the baby. She is now a very active second grader.
On top of this, when saving is an issue, moms will also notice that she is actually saving on using baby formulas. Come on, I dare you to compare.


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