Friday, November 13, 2009

Wind of Change

Before leaving for work this morning I had to grab a sweater after feeling the very cold air coming thru the open garage door. As I was moving out of our driveway I noticed the poodles of water on the road. So, it rained in the night and I didn't hear a thing!
When I reached my school's parking lot, the wet steps to my building confirmed the rainy night before.
After lunch, as I was recording my student's grades, I noticed that I didn't have my sweater on and I couldn't remember taking it off. I thought: "what's happening?"
Why the sudden change of wind?
That's when I remember: I am in California!


Anonymous said...

Tita, here, it's usually the other way around. We hardly ever get the sun with its blue backdrop as it's always raining.


Princess said...

kaya punta ka na dito sa sunny calif,