Saturday, November 07, 2009

AAAAHhhh, What a Drink!

Halloween's all behind kids' minds now. Costumes had been sent to the dry cleaners or tossed at the recycle bins. Candy bags are past half empty. Looking back at that night, were your kids tricked or treated right?
As moms our concern is to provide our kids the best nutrition we can give them. What can be more nutritious than milk? Milk is the food of life. It is an almost complete food. High in calcium that keeps children's bones and teeth and hair growing. It is a very good source of protein that helps cells grow and repair themselves. But, as important as milk is for children's growth, they can get tired of drinking it everyday, too. But, wait. If your child is silently shouting Trick or Treat Me right, then chocolate milk is the answer. There had been a study proving that a drink of chocolate milk brings back the energy lost during a sports activity. What can be more healthy than that? And correct me if I am wrong: almost every child likes, or loves, chocolate. So, what can be a better combination than chocolate milk?
We moms also advocate a safe environment for kids, so it is but natural for us to consider storing chocolate milk in cartons safe since the raw product is paper which is very low in harmful chemical content.
When your toddler cuddles to you and whispers Twick or Tweet Me, you know what to give him/her - chocolate milk in a carton! Post?slot_id=83312&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

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