Thursday, November 12, 2015

Musings of a Grandma in her Seventies

I have not blogged for a long long long time and I can't explain why.
I think FB is the culprit.
I need to be more vigilant in putting the drops on my eyes.  They are getting dry and I feel uncomfortable.
I noticed that the green tops affect my gout whenever I eat them.  I am not absolutely sure yet, but I think they do.  
The house has become very cold these last three days I had to put on my pj's.
Have to  do my  nails .....
.... select what to wear for Saturday......
.... might color my hair.
Need to water the lawn before it turns all brown.
Been enjoying going back to read old old blogs.
Catching up on my reading.
Need to hone my cooking skills to make new recipes.
Have to re-learn how to write again... so I visited First 50 Words ...

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