Thursday, March 26, 2009

Into the Future

Every time I look at a structure, I visualize the lines and curves in terms of what I had learned in my Drawing I class during my freshman year in the College of Engineering, although I never became an engineer. At the time, and in my neck of the woods, the word computer is unheard of. All I knew of the term is that it is someone who computes like an accountant. I haven't even seen a mechanical calculator. The closest to it was an abacus that one of my grandfathers kept under his bed. Then a sister got married to an architect and I saw how laborious designing a home or a building was. My brother-in-law would spend days and days calculating how much each room would cost, or how many kilos of nails would be needed or how many cubic feet of lumber must be made available for his carpenters and aides. And every number was added, subtracted, divided or multiplied by hand! Can any student imagine doing that today?
Then I went back to the land of my birth recently and saw how my nephew, who followed in his dad's footsteps, did his work. I observed how he consulted with his client, did a rough drawing of how he interpreted his client's preferences, went home and, with an Auto CAD Software finished all his paperwork with ease ready to present for his customer's final approval.
For more global structural projects like corporate buildings, bridges or dams where a community of architects and engineers consult with each other on a continuous basis a MicroStation Help would be the best way to go.....and... the fastest way into the future.

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