Saturday, March 07, 2009

Three and three to go...

Two weeks ago I thought I couldn't go on. Going back to work after an eight-week-vacation, that is. I had gotten so used to staying in bed way way past my waking up time that for a whole week, it scared me to think that I might fall asleep on the job. But, as they say, old habits never die. I wake up before my alarm went off, still enjoy my morning radio station, still relax on my driving, and most of all I still enjoy coming to work, with or without traffic!
The past two weeks was too much of a yin-yang thing for me. A part of the family died and almost as I was receiving the news, a goddaughter was giving birth to a beautiful daughter. Jacob got sick and was not able to go to one of his piano lessons, but yesterday, he surprised me by playing every page on his first book and told me he'll start on his 2nd book next week.
It was only eight days ago when I was feeling sick each time I thought of the working months ahead of me. I really thought hard about retiring, and yet, the last week just zoomed by shortening my waiting time immensely (three months and three more weeks to go before the next finals! And I am very grateful I still have my job.
Ahhhh, life. You are so interesting!!!


Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It's sad when someone we know bids a final farewell.

Every birth is a wonderful celebration. Congratulations!

Hope you enjoyed your vacation. It's nice that you're back at work with a refreshed spirit.

julie said...

I hope everything is ok now :) Be well!