Monday, March 02, 2009

Swish, swash, swiiiiissssshhh!!!

Pnnngggggg! I was so engrossed listening to my morning music station when I was suddenly awakened from my reverie by the sound of a metal, or was it a rock, hitting my windshield. Because it was raining, I didn't pay much attetion thinking the sound was part of the accompaniment. Another thing was that the wiper was busy swissh-swasshing I was straining my eyes between the movement of the blades and the road. Not until I got home did I notice that whatever hit the glass didn't leave any crack or unsightly mark on it.
I drive a mini van, which is, according to my second son, a very "mom" car. I have also had my windshield repaired once or twice. How I wish the windshield wiper is of clear material through and through. It would be great if the wiper will appear invisible as it does its job (especially on a fast mode) and not block, or should I say, disturb, my view, as I drive during heavy traffic. Another thing I would care for is a quiet, and I mean QUIET wiper. I am sure that many moms will agree with me when I say that you need all your senses working at the same time when driving a mini-van full of kids.

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